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  1. I haven't used them in a while but GoShippo used to offer discounted rates for Fedex https://goshippo.com/
  2. If it helps, I would probably believe that R.Horie was the actual cover artist for this and Maximum Press just slapped Benes's signature on it. They were known for mislabeling covers like this. The cover to Glory #8 is known to be drawn by Ed Benes even though Maximum Press put Deodato's signature for the printed cover
  3. You might be thinking of Mike Deodato's "Deodato Studios" which Benes and a bunch of other Brazilian artists were all part of back in those days, and a lot of times if someone from his studio worked on something the book credits would say "Deodato Studios" instead of the actual artist, and there were a few times where the book credits would just say Mike Deodato even if it was someone else from the studio. There's been multiple interviews you can search online on that subject Benes Studio didn't start until the late 2000s (2009-2010ish), and most of them didn't/don't really do any published work, they just sell pin-ups on ebay and take commissions edit: and just to be super clear, neither of them, as best I know, steal credit for the work the artists in their studio do. Even with the incidents that happened with Deodato Studios in the 90s, according to the interviews (been a while since I'd read them) Deodato never controlled how publishers would write the credits, it was more a confusion on their part/Marvel and other publishers not knowing who the specific artists were since they would hire "Deodato Studios" as an entity and not know exactly who within was given the assignment. Similar to how a lot of color work for Image, DC, and Marvel in the 90s were credited to "Wildstorm FX Studios"
  4. Thank you in advance by the way for appreciating my post
  5. Felix doesn't control (directly at least) what shows up on CAF Dealer Search for his website. For every dealer site integrated with CAF theres a system Bill has in place that tracks those sites and handles creating/updating those listings on CAF Classifieds/Dealer results as they change on the dealer site. The only reason you still see those pages in CAF dealer search is because they're marked as "On Hold" on Felix's site and CAF only filters out "Sold" status for search on dealer sites. These dealers integrated with CAF don't manually make and update those dealer listings on CAF, your issue is with Bill. Ask him to filter out "On Hold" too Also just to preempt this, yes Felix could change those to Sold on his site and they would get removed from CAF too, but I think its more prudent to look at the larger problem. I can't tell you how many times I found something I like on Burkey's site through CAF just to see it end up being on hold, and seeing its been "On Hold" for years. Felix at least changes his "On Hold" listings to sold after a while, I'm assuming its because the buyers still might be making payments on those
  6. If the sale was longer than 3 months ago you won't be able to find it via Sold Results on CAT anymore without a premium membership
  7. You can use these in your settings to filter out ebay listings with low bids, and an exclusion list to filter out by terms. Some combination of these should let you filter out NSFW images. As for "crappy commissions" I think thats too personalized, might just have to live with it unless most of what you find crappy share a same keyword or are all low bid ebay auctions
  8. As much as I value your opinion, I think I need a professional's take on this. Paging @Dr. Balls
  9. So it won't fit anything better than 11x17 for scanning? What about DC boards that are usually a bit bigger than 11x17, closing in on 12x18?
  10. You'd need a DeLorean to answer that question today, the auction it's in starts on 5/16
  11. I think we need a 3rd copy of this thread running for us to discuss this, there's just too much to unpack here
  12. Thats neat! Do you have a before and after picture?
  13. I hear a fellow named Sadar will be giving directions, making sure no one ends up redirected to the wrong place
  14. Is the FBI involved yet? Oh wait sorry wrong thread.....
  15. I've talked to Marlo Alquiza a few times over the past year when confirming whether he inked some pages where multiple inkers were credited on some issues, try him on Instagram instead And Norm Rapmund is repped by Spencer Beck I think (and also repped by Danny Morales on CAF it seems, not sure if that's current)
  16. Sadar hit twice (Sadar Wars 2: The Empire Redirects) yesterday at noon, and again today early in the morning. It's mentioned in the message I screenshotted that Bill put in a quick fix for the exploit Sadar was using yesterday to put malicious code in his username, but he came back and used a different method today so Bill and Maureen are apparently working on putting in a more robust fix and disabled all comments on CAF in the meantime
  17. I assume the Cabal have a vault for those