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  1. Yeah, I looked at the clip again this morning when I was more awake, and it it looks like someone did some creative editing with a Batman serial clip with Robin sliced in! They never interacted…
  2. Hey Boardies. i saw a short clip on YouTube tonite with Batman in it. Don’t remember ever seeing that Chapter. Anyone know which one it was and was it indeed from the 1948 serial? Thanks much.
  3. What a great story. Thanks all for the information. Makes you wonder what other collections might exist…
  4. Wasn’t there a “rat chew” thread on the boards? This would be a candidate!
  5. Unreal prices. Never thought I would see Matt Baker books go for so much. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with my All-Tops and Phantom Lady book’s going up, but wish I knew digging through all the boxes at conventions over the years!
  6. Ha! Ha! Didn’t blow up the image on my iPhone. I also live in Florida across from the beach!
  7. Hey, quit posting all these beautiful pulps here. There is a separate thread for them. You might cause a serious addiction problem on the Golden Age boards!
  8. Just an incredible cover by Matt Baker. The framing by the palm fronds and the rocks really pulls your eyes to the sexy couple…
  9. What you don’t enjoy Sandra getting a suntan? 😃
  10. Been awhile since I posted this, but lots of new boardies, so…
  11. I always thought the “Daring” part was rolling around in the hayloft. That stuff itches like crazy! 😬
  12. So cool! A vault for Golden Age even back then…
  13. Thanks for the insight. Another reason to login on the boards everyday…
  14. No mess! Fell in love with it in Jim Steranko’s History of the Comics, by the by. Then decided to complete the run!
  15. One of my favorite Golden Age covers! Mine is not slabbed, but is also a beauty.
  16. That is weird. Two covers reused makes sense.
  17. Another reason I lurked here on the CGC boards. So much knowledge about our hobby.