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  1. At this point in comics, it might be more significant if a character lasts a few years NOT getting killed off temporarily
  2. Pretty sure that business is lost already, regardless of the 2k
  3. Totally get that, and couldn't agree more with your last statement about these last few years. I'm glad to have made a bit of cash with the boom in prices but some of those prices in the last two years....yeesh. Definitely coming back to reality
  4. I'm a bit split on the comics market crashing completely. On the one hand, yeah, I don't want to lose a ton of money in what I already have. But on the other hand, I wouldn't mind seeing some of the books I'd like to own become more affordable.
  5. I will admit to nothing...unless you're a subscriber
  6. I think having this thread preserved for posterity does more than the PL. Isn't the PL just for buyers and sellers?
  7. Yep, and all that will be left is investors in big dollar books. Not people collecting because they love it or people trying to complete a run. Sad, but I have to agree with you, as much as I hate to say it.
  8. Then there's those innovators with a talent for having a wank, who turn it into a business
  9. Don't get me wrong, I read every ish of Wizard in the 90s. But Jesus Christ, it was basically Maxim for comic books. By their forecasts back then, the safest comic investments were anything bordering on softcore p*rn. How much hype does Lady Death really need?
  10. Congratulations, you won the internet for today Seriously cool book and equally seriously cool history. Thanks for sharing this with us and glwts!
  11. This is great. Running a business is different from having a hobby or even having a talent. It's a sh*t ton of work....but work that has to get done. When you can't deliver, it's time to stop selling your services. There's a lot in the thread about empathy, but this is business, with a lot of money at stake. Sure, there's room for good business relationships that can give some flexibility with personal circumstances. But at the end of the day, your customers only owe you one thing: timely payment for a job well done. They don't owe you patience. And "empathy" doesn't mean they owe you their business. That doesn't make them "wolves." It makes them customers holding you accountable.
  12. I feel like you got some good answers here: the impact of mass production in driving demand for originals, the perfection of "imperfections," the stigma of the PLOD, the sense that repairs are not original, etc. There were also some who said resto doesn't impact their decisions that much. I'm not sure that everyone misunderstood you. You got some solid responses. What else are you hoping to hear?
  13. I think some of it is rarity of the book in grade. Seeing a 1930s or 40s book that has survived and been cared for enough to be a higher grade without resto is really impressive. But I wonder if we would even be talking about this as much if resto didn't get such a distinctive PLOD from CGC? Was resto as big of a deal pre-CGC? (Assuming it was disclosed, of course)
  14. I remember the gas station clerk by my house growing up, showing us a stack of 25 Death of Superman books and telling us how he was going to retire on them. I bet that's why I don't see him at the gas station anymore
  15. I agree with all this, except the movies causing the wild prices in 2020 to 2022. There were other factors at play then in all of the collectibles markets.
  16. Feb 1981 - clearly, a banner month in the industry
  17. That'll teach him to go wandering in the cemetery with his courtroom robes on
  18. Same here, but at least I have found a rock-solid predictive trend in prices: if I own it, it's going down; if I want it, it's going up.
  19. I knew there was a reason Supes kept him around
  20. Well, somebody's "GEM MINT" X-Force 1 came back as 9.4, eh?
  21. Welcome to the boards. If you search the forums, you'll find a lot of debates about pressing. The long and short...it depends. What's the value of the books you're looking at pressing? It sounds like you are at least somewhat interested in their value. Is "quite a bit more" than $1-3 like $20? Or like $100? Pressing will add to your costs and time and might not be worth it. If you are just wanting to enjoy them, would the press help your enjoyment? I would say it's pretty rare to press everything. I'll do it if there is a significant, pressable defect that undermines the grade. But even in those cases, not always.
  22. I seem to recall a thread or two that were about storing in safes (and why not to.) Have you searched that specifically? There might be some discussions with good advice.
  23. That's a great cover! I wasn't too familiar with Centaurs until the Comiclink auction a while back, but dang it, now I've got a whole 'nother area to sink my money into. Thanks for posting this!
  24. Adorable:) I hope you all have a great time!
  25. I feel that too. My kids are both still young, and there is some interest, but not like I had at that age. I hope they find their place in the hobby. But if not, I'll become the biggest fan of (insert whatever random passion they develop)