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  1. I try to use the two blue colors of the CGC label as a way to get a read on which picture or scan is truest to color. I think the WP/IG copy is reading as brighter because the scan is a bit hotter - you can't even really see the CGC text/icon in the light blue section. And the OW/W copy (right) may be a slightly darker than true color. I would bet that in hand they are close to the same. For me - the sales tax difference would put the OWW/Shortboxed sale at about the same price as the WP/IG copy. I can't really see the staining on the cover of the WP copy and I think the upper left-hand corner of that copy looks slightly less damaged. But the OW/W copy has better alignment - there is a bit more roll on the WP when you look at the back (but both have a little bit) Both look great for a 6.5. If they were within $200 of the same price all in - I would take the WP given the premium some people are willing to pay for white.
  2. March results from Swagglehaus' index. Not to give away the punchline - Silver was down 8% vs Feb, Bronze up 5% and Copper up 8%. If you look at the charts - the aggregate results seem to indicate that we may be in a sort of "flat-ish" phase. Just bouncing around in a range.
  3. This is an unanswerable hypothetical but I will ask the question anyway…. There are currently ten, universal 9.9 copies of ASM 300. There have been five recorded sales - one each in 2005, 2012, 2014, 2015, and 2017. There are nearly 1,600 copies of this book in 9.8 (out of 29k+ total books). It has traded hands around 100 times a year for past 8 years or so and is still selling for around $3k give or take a few hundred on either side. If the ten copies in 9.9 did not exist, would the value of the 9.8s be different? If yes - how much of a discount do you think 9.8s are selling for because of the 9.9s? If no - how many copies in 9.9 would it take to alter the price trajectory of 9.8s? Again - this is all unknowable but I would love to hear people’s thoughts
  4. Seems logical. Maybe in future editions of the book they will actually state the numerical criteria like they do with spine splits, etc.
  5. Here is a little sample of books from the April Heritage Auction vs last, 2022 avg, and peak.
  6. apparently they don’t. But by the definition from the man himself it would sure seem like a miswrap. And in the case below. - not even a straight/uniform miswrap is required
  7. I receive all the Heritage catalogs too as well as their annual recap book covering all their auction categories. Definitely comic book porn Great reference material if you want high quality images of rare or special books. Or if you just want to fantasize….. I am a frequent buyer on Heritage - not sure if there is some threshold of activity they look for to be on the list.
  8. Actually - in the CGC Guide to Grading Comics by Matt - they do state that miswraps peak at 9.8 https://www.cgccomics.com/news/article/10586/cgc-guide-grading-comics-nelson/
  9. And found out via YouTube about this "make an offer" sale on Heritage for Marvel Spotlight #5 9.8 at $360k. It is the same copy that sold for previous record of $264K in 2021.
  10. They made the scale so it’s whatever they say it is - but does seem odd to call a book MINT if it has anything less than a perfect wrap. There is a bronze Batman 9.9 for sale close by with a mis-wrap - a Mint should not have such obvious visual issues
  11. My very unprofessional opinion - no particular order - For modern books - 9.9/10 probably need to be the "goal" in terms of collectors looking for rarity. 9.8 is just too common. And this probably applies to a lot of late Copper stuff too (NM 98). So I don't mind the idea that the category of Mint books expands to some larger ratio - top 1%? Ultimate Fallout 4 has 16,251 Universal copies with 4,249 9.8s - that is 26% of books at 9.8. 1% of that 16k as 9.9 would give you 162 - where there are none currently. That starts to put the 9.9 in the same rarity range as 9.8 copies of IH181, ASM 129, etc etc. But still a lot more common than really high grade early silver and gold. - For really valuable Silver or Bronze 9.8s where the price gap between 9.8 and 9.6 is very, very large - not sure how many people will take the chance. Very often discussed that the difference between a 9.6 and 9.8 can often feel as if it was determined by the direction of the wind that given day. So I am skeptical that we will see the IH181 9.9 population jump from 1 to 10 anytime soon or if ever. And yes, there are always high-grade, un-graded copies out there but the 14k Universal copies of 181 thus far have 9.8 return rate of 1% (Would be interesting to see how that return rate has changed over time). Doesn't feel like they are adding 20 new 9.8s for every 2k copies graded. Now, if you are sitting on a really attractive non-key Silver issue in 9.8 - maybe you take a swing and get a 1 of 1 9.9. That could open up a whole different market of collecting. So - I am not overly concerned that this one GSX book is a sign of a sea change. But I do expect to see growth of 9.9s in Moderns - but even that will take time to become the new 9.8
  12. I think the saying goes "the house always wins".
  13. And up a bit from last sold..... Detective Comics #27 6.5 - $1.74M May 2022 (Goldin)
  14. Good point. I think that book was Oct 1970. Probably won't get kicked out of either forum if you were to call any books in that 18 month window from mid-69 to early 1971 as one or the other.
  15. It’s really an interesting question. Issue 80 was published Jan 1970 which is typically considered first Bronze year. I may be cheating but I like to think all ASM are Silver up to the switch to the picture frame covers with #102. I just can’t make myself think that the iconic vertical price box and art for the 12c and 15c issues are anything other than Silver
  16. Getting back to original topic - I had about 7 childhood copies of Star/Marvel Masters of the Universe #1. Submitted all to CGC and 6 came back 9.8 back in early 2021. Kept 1 for myself and sold the other 5 9.8s for around $450 each. Current 90 day is around $175. Not a huge book so I am making up the impact on volume
  17. Silver, Bronze and Copper all really started the down leg in Spring of 2021. Silver had a Fall rally but started a more robust decline in Spring 2022. here is a whole multi-year thread if you want to waste some hours.
  18. Don't let this lowly Silver guy (me) creep over here and stir up trouble!
  19. Please be gentle with me.....I am not a hard-core GA collector and have only had a passing interest in the Promise Collection (and only read the last half dozen pages of this thread). I have never seen a robust recap of the GA market overall but there are some where people have been tracking Silver, Bronze, and Copper (Silver attached below for reference). Most of these indexes show that the Mid-to-late 2021 window was the peak and all those markets are off those peaks by roughly 50%. The original Promise Collection auctions hit right during that peak window. Is the belief that the decline in Promise books is outside/above any normal declines in GA overall market? I appreciate that there are some very brutal numbers in that recap for some books - so the aggregate view may mask the challenge of many specific Promise books. And also appreciate that GA may be harder to "index" for multiple reasons. Just curious - especially with the polarizing effect that the Promise Collection seemed to engender among some collectors.
  20. Here are some highlights from the rest of the Feb/March Session 2 Clink auction. This has a lot more of the work-a-day books/grades. There are actually some encouraging signs buried in here if you look past all the red (except for books like GSX 1) - a lot more places where last sale, 90-day average and/or 12 month average are getting closer together. Some of the GPA data around last thru 12 month average is probably more relevant than the actual Clink results.