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  1. Good to see your smiling emoji again. ❤️
  2. I bought a few books on a marketplace thread and thought I'd see if I could get into some trouble while I'm here.
  3. I think it's pronounced Fronk-in-steen. And yes, it's science fiction.
  4. This is very sad to hear. My condolences to his family.
  5. I've had instances where meeting heroes was a letdown, but most of the time they're amazing. When I met Bernie Wrightson for the first time I stood in front of his booth with tears in my eyes and he looks at me and says, "Oh no, please don't cry." Absolutely one of the nicest people I've ever met. Meeting Evel Knievel was straight from a dream. It couldn't have been more incredible. Meeting John Byrne...hmmmm I'd like to think it was just a bad day for him and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  6. I'm very sorry to hear this. He was way too young. He's been on these boards for a long time. I wish I'd had a chance to meet him in person. My prayers and condolences to his family.
  7. Hey, brother! All copies will have an invisible acetate cover. It should help the grades. Hope you're doing well. Good to see you still hanging around this place. Glad you still enjoy it. Going to your burger place is on my bucket list. One day, my friend! Doing the book was a stupid amount of work, but I can see the finish line. I can't wait for everyone to read it. I have a huge test audience at work and they all LOVE it! It was worth the work, though. You'd be proud of yourself if you do it. You talk to countless people who are working on their own comic book, but only a handful who actually do it. It's tough, but worth the journey!
  8. You order now. The books will be printed mid/late December. Order fulfillment will happen in early January. There is a PDF option as an add-on. I've not decided if I'm going to wait until books ship to send those out or not. That's where I'm leaning at this time.
  9. Are you still running the burger restaurant or have you decided to retire?
  10. I used to have one of these on my closet door when I was a kid.
  11. I'm still living, my brother! I hope you are doing well. I rarely get out of my own back yard these days. I did just finish writing and drawing my first comic book, due to ship out in early January. It will be a ten issue story that I hope to pitch to Netflix once it is finished. You can see the info about the comic HERE! Best wishes to you all! I miss your smiling...avatars. Hopefully one day we can all catch up soon over a beer or...beverage of your choice.
  12. Can't find a thread for him, so I'ma start one. If you receive a package from Tim that was damaged, you might want to run because the mailman is pissed and has a chainsaw. I've never had anything but great experiences from the good Doctor. He ranks high on my list. (thumbs u
  13. By request of fantasyfootballbono. The thread that answers all your questions about comic production or production related flaws. Post your flaws or production questions in this thread with an example and hopefully we can get them answered.