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  1. I believe the art collection is still split up. The museum in PA is only going to house Jr's collection. Robert Rodriguez is trying to make the Austin based museum to house the rest of the collection (including some of his personal collection)
  2. I love that bird burrowing between the breasts!
  3. If you haven't all ready read them. Check out the King and Straub collaboration - The Talisman or start on the The Dark Tower / Gunslingers series. All great reads!!!
  4. Thank you delekkerste for this recommendation! Ready Player One was everything you say, and then some. Pure fun, great characters, and an ultra-cool adventure. On one of the Quest "puzzles", I read right past it, moving along... Not even thinking, an answer just popped into my mind from nowhere. Later on, when the solution was revealed, it made me feel extra-nerdy (and old) that I somehow guessed right. Anyway, thanks again. It was a real treat. (thumbs u I wish I had never read that book, so I could go back and read it again for the first time. Anyone who grew up in the late 70s or early 80s flat out needs to get it. So good. Right now I am working my way through DarkMarket, an account of how credit card crackers/hackers made millions of dollars with cutting edge cybercrime. Also reading The Monster Show, an overview of horror in cinema, and Cavalier and Clay, because I couldn't bear to look at myself in the mirror anymore as a comic collector who hadn't read it. This post intrigued me. Bought and just read chapter one of Ready Player One. Excellent so far. 1st/1st of Ready Player One is durned expensive and hard to find! Damn my collecting obsession! I'd like to read it...
  5. Thanks to Marc for the purchase! Quick payment and smooth deal!
  6. I am dumping a load of my walking dead slabs at 99c no reserve on ebay, timed to end at the end of next week's episode. a 19 (9.6) a 27 a 61 a 100 sketch a 100 escape and a 75 SDCC Do you think this is a good strategy? I am beginning to think it might not be . Prices of books seem to have been closing soft I really suck at selling comics (Much better at acquiring them) Oh well, it's either dump em now or be wearing a barrel!
  7. I love Rathburn's style. I wonder if he will ever get to draw the whole book. or at least a fill in issue.
  8. Yep. Yeah, I think Darabont would have conveyed that information a little differently.
  9. Not the best directing job when you have to explain your directorial decisions on the talk show afterwards when the audience didnt get what they were supposed to infer. He also "confirmed" Carol's death because of the placement of the flower by Daryl on the grave. It kind of really seems like Nicotero was trying to sell us a bill of goods, though. I wouldnt be surprised to see either of em make a re-appearance. If they do NOT then some audience may be let down by the leading of the unseen clues that showed the characters were dead (offscreen) that made them believe they might re-appear. Still not a badly directed episode for the make up guy.
  10. The only exposure I have had to the franchise is the Fincher remake. I thought it was pretty good. I hear the Swedish original is even better. I think Fincher did a good job with the film and his stylistic imprint (similar to The Social Network) is very intriguing from a filmmaking point of view. Fincher is a star. As to the book I guess I will have ot read it so I can really comment on its style/substance. According to the wiki: "When Larsson was 15 years old, he witnessed the gang rape of a girl, which led to his lifelong abhorrence of violence and abuse against women. The author never forgave himself for failing to help the girl, which inspired the themes of sexual violence against women in his books." I am not for or against the depiction of graphic rape in books but can understand why it is very off putting for many readers. I will have to make my own decision whether or not how explicit the stuff is fits in with the world of the story. (although the scenes in the film were somewhat explicit, I did not think they were there just for shocks sake. They fit into the world of the story.) I am fascinated with the publication history of the book and saddened that the guy died, especially since he had 10 volumes planned. The story certainly has captured a large part of the reading world's psyche, regardless of whether you think its trash or literature. I am intrigued by the psychology of that alone. I will read the trilogy whenever I can track down an affordable 1st printing of The Girl Who Played With Fire. Mara Rooney did a good job as Lisbeth in the Fincher film. I hear the swedish actress (who was eventually in sherlock holmes 2) was even better.
  11. Guess i need to read it. It is on my bookshelf but I still need the middle one I think.
  12. I think CGC should sell butthurt in a can. It would make millions, increase profit margin, and decrease grading wait time...
  13. WHOA! I guess I now know which scene Chandler Riggs was talking about when I interviewed him last weekend! What an ep! Craziness!
  14. Comic shows are popping up everywhere! They are like breeding rabbits!
  15. Did the 2nd highest bidder agree to purchase it? Not yet but I would rather relist it at this point if the 2nd highest does not want to buy it. Like I said, I never actually asked for him to go on the list since I didn't even think it was possible for an eBay transaction. I was venting last night so let it sit here and serve as a warning for people dealing with him in the future. I don't have an opinion but just based on Darrell's avatar logo, i'm going to disagree with him +1 GO GATORS!
  16. In celebration of the tv muggs finally making it to the prison: "Target Practice" WD 40 p 18-19 DPS signed by the Kirkmaniac and Charlie Adlard (in blood)
  17. OR you can seize the butthurt with an Iron grip and ride it all the way to the ground like Major T. J. Kong. What will you do?