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  1. Oh that's awesome , I didn't even consider it for buying books. Hmmmmmmm
  2. What about flying around the country to do deals in person ? Compared to a cost of a very big book this seems like it could work . The buyer gets their book in person and the seller gets his money in person. Advantages to both parties . Maybe even draw up a small contract to make the sale official ?
  3. Yes I have recently sold some lesser value books through an auction and they went for approx 25 percent less than the gocollect 30 day average . One was popular book, but I guess auctions can be a roll of the dice especially ones without a large number of potential bidders .
  4. Hi yes this was my thought about heritage , you take a big hit but it looks like the service and reputation is very good and less worries overall .
  5. Hi , I got lucky on a grade and have a moderately expensive book , well for my budget . Avengers 3 , CGC 9.4 Grade . I have never sold a expensive comic before and wanted to get some tips . Looking at something like heritage it looks like someone would lose %30 total of the price . I know some of this is from the buyers premium but this usually leads to buyers bidding less . Is it possible to simply list a big book on facebook marketplace and take paypal and then ship the book out? Or does this open one up to scams ? Thanks !
  6. Hi I can see it , will post here , can you see this pic ?
  7. Update posted in first post . Thanks for everyone's input !
  8. The comic looked very good to my eye in the case and was the reason I purchased it . Well looking at it in pictures in the case . Being new to the whole grading process I thought it was a much higher grade but was unsure due to lack of experience . I could not understand why it was a 6.5 when I was looking it . Maybe original grader made a mistake or the crease was more severe than I could see through the case . I wonder sometimes if maybe the grader's who do the higher price books are more experienced and better ?
  9. These were the grader's notes from the 6.5. "light readers crease back coververy light spine stress lines cover breaks color" I could not see much of a crease if any on the back looking through the case and acually could not see the spine stress lines either . I had it pressed but did not do the pressing and did not see the book after the pressing before submission. It did get reduced on the page color from white pages .
  10. Yes one is paying for the higher tier so it seems one should be eligible for increased insurance. I offered to pay to have CGC insure the book out of my own pocket but that is a no go as well. What is Collectibles Insurance Service ?
  11. Yes the reason I am nervous is because I just had a package stolen that fedex did not have me sign for. I have another thread on it from the link above .
  12. Its funny you say that because I considered flying down to Florida to pick it up because this would be the biggest book I have ever had by a sizable amount . It is possible to pick it up in person, I asked about it and they said they would let me do it due to the circumstances but it is not a normal thing they allow.