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  1. That's sounds like a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen Hi Fay! Hi greggy! I would never charge Greggy with sexual harassment due to the fact he would need to have sex ONCE to be qualified for a charge of sexual harassment.
  2. I love this Battle of Midway cover and the Sam Glanzman inside art isn't too shabby.
  3. Another great transaction with this easy going board member and he's a pleasure to deal with. Great communication and his word is as good as gold. (thumbs u Thanks again Robert, fay
  4. Jim is a great board member and I would highly recommend him to any board member whether they are buying or selling. Just a very pleasant guy on these boards!! (thumbs u Thanks again, fay
  5. What a board member and what a great guy!! Just completed another transaction with Andy amd he sure is a trusting soul. He stands for what these boards are all about. (thumbs u He helped me out of bind buying 60 books without seeing a single scan and to hear he was pleased was such a relief. Thank you so much Andy!! fay
  6. What a great guy and a great buyer. A pleasure to deal with. Thanks again!! (thumbs u
  7. Great person to deal with and I would highly recommend him to any board member. The more I think about that ASM 128 and the board member I bought it off and his grade was accurate and I honestly think I damaged that book when I had too many books stuffed into a short box. That was my mistake. Thanks again!!
  8. Andy's a great buyer also and paid instantly. Twice. (thumbs u Great person to deal with and excellent communication. Thanks again and I hope you like the books.
  9. I have to post this and I just came back from the Post Office after shipping my last two packages from some PM deals and we should all be very thankful to all our big sellers/dealers and that is a ton of work to sell books. How you guys do this on a regular basis is amazing and you have my respect and gratitude. I only had a 20 page selling thread with five other PM deals and my brain and my hands are sore from all that packaging and trying to stay organized. THANK YOU and KUDOS to all our big sellers and dealers. fay
  10. I just have to pass this on to my war buddies and if any of you enjoy reading books you have to find a book called "Fearless" by Eric Blehm. It's about a Navy Seal Team Six Operator and all the obstacles he had to overcome. My Husband told me to read it and I've read it three times and it's not your typical war story and it's a love story about a man and his love of GOD, his Family and his brother Seals. Not always in that order. Thanks to all you guys who bought some of my books. fay
  11. I never get tired of seeing those awesome books Jeff. Great books Mick and I love your OFF issues which I think is the under rated run of the BIG 5. I'm sure I've posted these before and these are some of my favorite OFF books. I know this last one belongs in the GA section and it's my newest addition and I had to show it off to my SA war buddies. It's a CGC 6.5 with White pages.
  12. That's an awesome looking book and another cover I haven't seen before.
  13. L.B.Cole is becoming my favorite artist and I have to thank Frisco Larson for showing me a scan of his CGC 9.8 Contact Comics # 11 and I've been hunting for a nice copy ever since. This popped up for sale and I couldn't pass it up and it's only a CGC 6.5 White Pages and I love it. Still searching for a nice presentable mid grade CC # 11.
  14. Awesome books, great packaging and very pleasant to deal with as usual. Highly recommended seller and a great board member. (thumbs u Thanks again for a top notch transaction, fay
  15. Love that cover. Thanks Guys, I'm hoping after next weekend I have a few more Atlas Russ Heath books to add from the VCC. This month's C-link auction has some pretty nice ones in mid grade but I will have to pass until a time payment deal is paid off. This hobby is all about timing unless you have an unlimited budget or a budget a lot better than mine. I hear many collectors say the hunt of a certain book is most of the fun and in my case many times it depends if a certain auction ends or book appears for sale around a payday. I can't complain and many members are very willing to wait a week or two for payment unless it's bigger purchase and then the time payment option might kick in and I have to thank many of you that have helped me grab some awesome books.
  16. Jim, I do grab the odd Atlas without a Heath cover and I'm mainly going after all of his Atlas war covers and it's slow going trying to find books in FN/FN+ or better condition. Here's a few more and I would love to buy more of his Atlas horror books and they seem to be a lot more expensive. The one and only Russ Heath horror I have and my scanner is broken down and the seller cropped off the edges of the book. I would say it's about a 7.0 and this cover is cool IMO. About cluttering up the War boards with a rotten horror book.
  17. The war boards have been a little slow recently and I think I've posted most of these before and they are some of my favorite books.
  18. Great thread and those are some awesome examples Hepcat. I love this title and would like to collect more and one day focus on these books seriously. So many cool covers. I have a couple more and my scanner is broken.
  19. Nice book! I think your point is a great one and when I first started I was out to complete runs and now I would much rather have a selection of books that I think are cool either by the cover or a great story. (thumbs u
  20. Wow Billy this thread is awesome and one of favorites on the boards. That Ohio Captain America # 34 is a keeper and looks so cool. Never sell that one and it's priceless. My other favorites are the Rockford Air Fighters Comics # 11, Allentown Mystery Men # 11, Larson Fantastic Comics # 4 and that Lost Valley MMC 84 looks like it was printed yesterday. After obtaining all these amazing Peds which is your favorite GA Pedigree for cover gloss, page quality, Etc...? Nice work Billy! PS: In about a month or six weeks I should be in the market for one of your under copies once you upgrade another beauty. BTW, I love your new SIG LINE!