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  1. I see the buzzards are circling already. SS Crisis books are seeing $600 price tags suddenly on EBay. Probably elsewhere too.
  2. The funny part is they are willingly GIVING their children to this weirdo.
  3. Wow. No one cares about CGC's problems. These problems have existed since before COVID and the only change people have really seen is the company being sold to a raider. What you are actually saying is if - for example - I changed my mind and showed up in person and said "I want my book(s) right now", no one would know where it(they) are. But, I get it. The customer allows this kind of behavior, disorganization and blaise attitude from CGC. They keep sending things in. Although I doubt it's in good faith. I imagine by now, it's with a wing and a prayer. "Oh GOD I hope everything goes smoothly". So, they send things in, wait almost a year and perhaps get their material back undamaged and in good order. Perhaps. But the mounting stories of damage, loss of items or damage of items and CGC offering some lowball wholesale replacement value are becoming very loud. And when someone has enough reason to call the press and a reporter is interested enough to make it a lead story, that's when the problems for CGC will begin. Because I'd be willing to bet CGC doesn't think it HAS a problem.
  4. What you said: "I have a shopping list of suggestions to improve the place, if anyone is interested." What they read:
  5. Oh that is a beauty. Surely much more rare than Superman 1. I almost never see these come to market.
  6. Lets see how YOU can survive the journey thru cannibals, leeches, crocs, shark infested waters, quick sand, head hunters, lions, tigers and bears to bury the things in the first place. LOL! I might suggest burying them in frozen tundra. Better chance of preserving the funny books. The deserts preserve. The jungles digest.
  7. Do NOT erase that. It'll make things worse. 6.0
  8. Kidding, right? You just advocated for sloppy service, interminable wait time and damage to submissions. How does that spell out "better ethics and quality"?
  9. Leave it. From what I gather, tape isn't considered resto. It will be noted on the label that there is tape.
  10. 1.5. You might get more for the MVS wrap than the book itself.
  11. The problem with wanting comics to be recognized as a valid medium by the masses is they became recognized as a valid medium by the masses. Inside the masses were people who saw the dollar signs and most likely were sharks anyway. They didn't care about the medium. Just profit to be made from naive collectors. it's what happens when the worlds best kept secret and economy is suddenly revealed. Sometimes - MOST times - a niche hobby is better kept hidden for real collectors and fans to enjoy without letting in all the demons.
  12. Don't SELL the wife. Rent her out. That way, it could be a continuous source of income.
  13. And the LCS let it go at 9.0 prices? I have a 9.0. I am stunned at what I paid v what it's worth now. $113 in 2012.
  14. Congrats! I wonder how this one got a 9.4, though?
  15. Frankly, I prefer the parody much more than when they are trying to be serious. The serious stuff was almost propaganda. None of them really were fans or had any real idea the underlying message. I mean, punk was pretty much about disenfranchisement for the most part and alienation. Not "Kill yer mudder". That was left for heavy and doom metal.
  16. That's exactly what I thought. I don't see a lot of Neal Adams in there.