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I'll pound you to a "Pulp" if you don't show off yours!
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Anyone know when the first comic was included in a pulp? I know there was the 40's Detective(title escapes me right now) and the previously posted Out of This World. I have this two page ditty from a 12/37 Rangeland Romances pulp, wondering if anyone knows of earlier examples.


This info from http://www.supermanartists.comics.org/dchistory/DCHISTORY-1.htm


November, 1934: Sally the Sleuth by Adolphe Barreaux is the first comic strip published in Spicy Detective. Most of Donenfeld's pulps carry a comic strip after this point.


(thumbs u Cool! Thanks! Another genre to collect!


Spicy Detective was the title I was thinking of (Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective).

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That's Conan. :gossip:


(shrug) Conan should get eaten so Brundage can go back to drawing what is important. Here is a cover with nice focus:




Not sure if Theogenes book has a nipple or not, but my former book certainly seems to have remnants:



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Shockingly beautiful Weird Tales, BZ. Just stunning.


Question: How many upgrades did it generally take to get copies of that high a grade, or did you just hold out until you found high grade copies of everything? ( i myself find it hard to wait for great copies... sometimes, depending on the book, I'll just take what i can get!)

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