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Your top three 2014 superhero/sci-fi movies!

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- Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America : The Winter Soldier in joint 1st place.

- Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


I haven't seen X-Men : Days of Future Past or Interstellar yet.


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I'm gonna say this is my list of most influential sy-fy/funnybook movies too.


3. CA: The Winter Soldier.

Echoed paranoid 70's movies like The Conversation, All The President's Men, Marathon Man with a modern spin on terrorism. I wasn't expecting something as cerebral after the old-fashioned original and The Avengers, so I was totally surprised.


2: Guardians of the Galaxy

Another retro 70's homage (the music, omg!) to the space western with so much heart and emotion. I couldn't believe that I felt so much joy when the whole crew was in the cockpit at the end of the movie.



OK, this will get me into trouble, but...


This one is a game changer for young people with special abilities. Granted, Iron Man 3 had a similiar gross, but this phenomenon continues to explode in merchandising. I think this is where movies like this (people with unstable powers) will be heading down the road.

Me, I loved it. Like Guardians, it was another movie where character's emotions dominated and connected with audiences. I have never seen so many wee ones dressed up as Elsas and Annas (cloaks and mittens during August) in Walmarts and Malls. I remember going around places when I was seven with a red tee and cape under my plaid shirt, like Ralph from Greatest American Hero. It's the same thing.


Oh, and all three are Disney movies. ;)

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I didn't think it was a stellar year overall, but 1stood out for me. 2 I give a good attempt.


Cap Winter Soldier

It was brilliant from start to finish. They setup several good Cap movies in the future. I didn't see many mistakes overall.



I love the concept, but the director just overreached on a concept he could have made much easier to communicate to audiences. He just went over everyone's head and on the way messed up some simple things.


X-men Days of the Future Past

I thought was a good effort, but the material I thought was just too much to do in one movie. It should have been two movies I think to really do it well. It was disappointing overall to me who grew up with that storyline. It had some nice touches overall, but I think they made a mistake in making the sentinels practically invincible. I applaud the attempt, but it just shows you have awesome the source material was that in this day and time we still cant live up to it.

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