Silent but deadly... G.I. Joe 21 appreciation thread

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I sent my 75center off to cgc.   See it back in 4 months lol.

Looking forward to what it grades.


Can anyone show the cgc listed graded ones so far?


Im not going to say what i think my will grade but I think it will do well! :)

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14 hours ago, fastballspecial said:

Still the only book I would pay good money for in good shape. All the ones I find are trashed.


True story.  My 9.6 I found raw and it was a wall book.  My reader was definitely not.  I did see a NM newsstand copy of it at the LCS, but decided to pass at the time.  It was gone the next week.  Should have pulled the trigger.  Lesson learned.  

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I have been reading up on the whole 2nd printing thing and that article about they found three so far sounds far fetched.  1.  the book is pgx and no pictures of the inside, 2. blurry video, and third there really hasn't been any substantial proof in my mind.  They also discuss the sealed comic bag packs in which the third prints came in and then showed a bag set with a book they think is a second printing but looks like the first printing.


What I find curious is that why would Marvel print books with all price tags being the usa, cdn and uk, then release it again but each country having their own price tag.  Why not stay with the same price box since the price of the books never changed.  


I wonder if its even reasonable to think that the one with the actual country prices are the second printings.  I was looking at the price variant list for cdn variants and this theme seems to happen to all those books as well.


I just don't get why have different price boxes other than region when the original price box had all prices for everywhere which where the same.  Why have someone even do the work to do all that wasting time and money.

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