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  1. I recently picked up a curio cabinet, so I've been making little displays of some of my collectables. And I decided to get a Venom to go with my Spidey. This was the coolest looking one I could find, from a company called Revoltech.
  2. I realize the MCU stuff tends to make books go crazy, at least in the short term. But X-Men will be interesting, as it's already one of the biggest movie franchises of all time under the previous Fox banner. When a lesser known property gets the MCU treatment, it often goes crazy. But with X-Men, it's already so big that I wonder how much bigger it can really get. Obviously X stuff will be red hot when MCU stuff starts, but I wonder if it will have the same impact we've seen in other franchises. This really is uncharted territory.
  3. "Don't you understand? Comic Link doesn't have your money. Your money is in Bill's books and Steve's books. Why, you wouldn't foreclose on Joe, would you?"
  4. Found a TMNT guy at a 2nd hand shop yesterday. I remembered him when I saw him, but couldn't recall his name. My buddy said it's Scumbug. Set him up in my daughters' room when they were out, and they freaked out when they came back and saw him on their bed. Haha
  5. Cool that they're reissuing these. I used to love the show as a kid, but I don't remember ever having the actual figures. Of course, every now and then at a holiday or something, my mom likes to get out old photo albums or watch a VHS movie of an 80s Christmas or the like, and I end up seeing a toy that I had no memory of having. Sectaurs anyone? Ha! Had to do some research on that one. But I vividly remember watching the Centurions on tv regularly, I loved that show.
  6. I'll take Punisher 4, Double Dragon 1 and Saved by the Bell.
  7. Ah, dang it. I thought there were 5 guys on the roof. I suck at math. Haha
  8. But 121 has that sweet Spidey @ss shot front and center.
  9. December 82 I looked over all the books released that month, and I think these sum me up the best. I was ardently obsessed with all of these franchises throughout my childhood. And the fact that my name is Adam made He-Man extra special to me as a kid.
  10. I haven't watched Alien 3 in years so I kind of forget most of it honestly, but I picked up the Alien Anthology blu set a while back that has all of them. According to the packaging, it has 2 cuts of Alien 3. Which cut is your preferred, the theatrical or the secondary one? Also, I had the Genesis game as a kid, and liked it quite a bit. Great atmosphere with the graphics and soundtrack. The gameplay was kind of Metroidy. It was good. I never played the SNES version though.
  11. Just picked up a reissue set of the original Ninja Turtles. I think they did a great job with them. Apologies about the glare.
  12. When people talk about how X books are going to go even crazier once they join the MCU, I have to wonder. The X movie franchise under Fox is already among the top 10 grossing of all time, well into the billions of dollars. I mean, how much bigger can X-Men really get?
  13. Ha! Yeah, I mean the angle of the picture accentuates the gun, but it is kind of ridiculously big. A buddy gave it to me, it's Desert Storm Duke or something like that. Surprisingly, it still makes firing noises when you press the button. A sweet light switch cover I found at a thrift shop a while back. The copyright is 1981 on it.
  14. Recently picked up a new Optimus and Snake Eyes. Adding a little whimsy to the man cave.
  15. I was getting some thumb tacks for my bulliten board, and I was reminded of the cover of Avengers 8, the first appearance of Kang. I wonder if it's just a coincidence or if Jack Kirby had a pack of them sitting on his desk at the time.
  16. I was referring to the Disney media juggernaut compared to that of Warner/ATT. Disney Plus has well over 100 million subscribers while barely being in service over a year at this point. Beyond just having the massive financial and infrastructural resources (which WB/ATT also has), they seem to be smarter with the IPs they purchase and the way they handle and market them. You'd think that with DirecTV and the cable/fiberoptic installation across the entire country that WB/ATT could do something similar. Heck, just off the top of my head, they've got DC, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Loony Tunes and the Matrix. These are some of the biggest IPs of all time. Disney just utilizes their big IPs better than WB/ATT. The fact that they're not using their massive home installation base is ridiculous. Think of the millions of homes already wired with ATT internet and Cable and DirecTV. Why not include a WB Streaming service and open up the already gigantic movie library and start pumping out new shows? They already have a presence in most homes. So, I think that was my main point. Disney produces, markets, pushes, saturates, etc, much better than WB/ATT. And if they had DC, well, there'd be more movies, programs, merchandise and all that. I don't think that would necessarily make the DC brand better per se, but characters beyond the Batman universe would certainly gain more exposure. If WB/ATT were smart, they'd hire away Netflix's CEO or someone with similar vision so that they could better utilize their incredible infrastructure and IPs. The communications entertainment world is cut throat, and WB/ATT is a sleeping giant that's going to waste in my opinion.
  17. Ah, interesting. While I have a number of them, I guess I never looked that closely in the indica.
  18. I've got a couple of "black spidey" copies that would almost certainly grade over 9.0 each, but my newsstand copy is a reader. Not horrible or anything, but I'd estimate 6.0-7.0. I've never understood why they call "black spidey" copies of the earlier Joes 3rd prints. Because you don't call a newsstand or a "white spidey" 2nd prints, they're both considered 1st prints because they went on sale at the same time. But the later copies get called 3rd prints. Never made sense to me. They should be called 2nd prints or just reprints in my opinion.
  19. I used to have that poster framed on my wall as a kid. I won it at the state fair. Haha