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I'm surprised no-one has tried this before in SA.

We have a thread in Gold which has been constantly running for a few years. It's fun and is a great way also to showcase your books.

Simply put, you connect one book to another by any means necessary. It can be simple, obscure, ingenious, crafty or as tenuous as you like.

There really is only one rule, post one book to link to the book before, and it must be silver age.

I've not got any SA at all at the moment but I am seriously thinking of dipping my toe back into the SA again, hence my reason for venturing into the Silver forum.

I've taken the liberty of borrowing a scan from Heritage to start the this off.

Anyone unsure about how it works, should have a quick look at the GOLD CONNECTIONS thread over in GOLD to see how it works. There's really nothing to it, but I do know a lot of the guys say it's one of their favourite threads.

So have fun with it, and I hope to be able to join in when I manage to acquire some SA stuff.

The first book to start the ball rolling is this;

PS. The link can be anything, the characters, pictures, Title, number, or any product of your twisted mind. :insane:






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2 minutes ago, 1950's war comics said:

Giant magnet to giant boomerang lol 

Nothing wrong with that, this is what makes the thread pop, or will do, once it gets going...

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