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[CLOSED] Shoomanfoo Nomiated to the Hall of Shame - Private Poll Included
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Should Shoomanfoo be in the CGC Hall of Shame?  

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  1. 1. Should Shoomanfoo be in the CGC Hall of Shame?

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6 minutes ago, Catwomancomics said:



Here is the confirmation of the appeal in my favor.



I just edited that into the nomination.  Thanks 


At this point, I am going to take a well deserved 3hr nap.   I will be up around a little after midnight so I can do some digital paperwork and be ready for tomorrow morning... I will check in later... 

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18 minutes ago, Buzzetta said:

At this point, I am going to take a well deserved 3hr nap. 

WAKE UP! :makepoint:

Screenshot 2020-10-18 at 6.46.13 PM.png

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11 hours ago, Buzzetta said:

I was asked to draft another one... (sigh)

:news: @Shoomanfoo is hereby nominated for the Hall of Shame :news: 

AKA Jason Damato 

Jason is accused of purchasing a comic in the sum of $525 shipped, initiating a return after receiving the book, then sending an empty slab back in return.  

The Hall of Shame was designed to point out those who have / may have committed serious violations within the comic community while using the CGC boards as a vehicle for those actions.  In the rules for what type of transgressions qualify to be placed in the Hall of Shame instead of being placed on the probation list, the Hall of Shame rules differentiate between the two by using the example of, "The Hall Of Shame is for serious transgressions. For example, selling a book/books and sending nothing of value in the package. Interfering with someone's business. Being a multiple offender (Rule 5b)." 


Board member @Catwomancomics sold @Shoomanfoo a CGC graded copy of the Campbell edition of Black Panther 1 in a 9.8.   Upon receiving the book, Shoomanfoo / Jason filed a dispute through PayPal because Catwomancomics sent the book using signature confirmation.  Shoomanfoo voiced his displeasure in this even stating that the return was initiated because, "If I have a problem and it bothers me to (sic) much I'm just sending it back to you."  Please see screen shot of Shoomanfoo's word in his CGC board message to Catwomancomics in the spoiler below. 

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Catwomancomics said that they would take the book back and apologized offering a full refund as seen in the screenshot below. 

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Shoomanfoo instantly 'bro'd' Catwomancomics using derogatory references in the process as seen in the screenshot below form his message.   As of now the tone of these messages are over Catwomancomics placing signature confirmation on a $525 item.   Shoomanfoo immediately references returning this book to cancel the transaction over his view of 'inconvenience'.   He makes this reference before actually receiving the book. 

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Shoomanfoo then goes on to say that he will be accepting the book but then goes and initiates the return after this message anyway after later claiming the book came cracked.  

  Reveal hidden contents


Upon returning the book, Catwomancomics claims that they received the hard plastic CGC holder and the label but the inner well and comic were not present. 

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It is important to note that Jason received the comic by the very fact that he is initiating a return and later provided a picture of the book in his possession.   Catwomancomics also provided evidence through screen shot of the postal receipt that a package was sent to Jason that weighed in at 2lbs. A CGC Type II holder packaged in a double boxed 1092 / 1095 USPS postal boxes typically weighs about 2lbs.  Any board member can easily verify this.    Below is a screen shot of the purchase order that Catwomancomics made to send the book to Shoomanfoo.

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Shoomanfoo took his package to the post office to return it to Catwomancomics.  The Post Office weighed the package in at 1lb 2.7 oz.   As pointed out in the original thread, no graded CGC comic in either holder weighs 1.27lbs.  Therefore something is not present in the package Shoomanfoo returned that was present in the package that Cartwomancomics sent. 

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A board member made a request to Catwomancomics to provide a specific picture.  In order to remove suspicion from themselves that they removed the book from the slab, upon being asked, Catwomancomics took the contents of the package and the outer CGC holder and weighed them.  This was demonstrated to correspond to the weight that the USPS put on the label.  Please see the photo below. 

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Images were taken to be used as evidence by the weights of the packages, that Shoomanfoo returned an empty slab to Catwomancomics.

When asked repeatedly by forum members about the empty slab, Shoomanfoo would not address the claim.   He did claim though that the book arrived damaged in a cracked slab and that was now the reason he was returning the book.  Keep in mind that this claim is made after he had already said he would return the book while it was in transit.   Here is an image shown by Jason, of the cracked slab.   However, regardless of whether or not the slab is cracked, it does not explain nor account for the variance in weight.  Even a cracked slab with the comic inside and placed in some form of cardboard package will weigh in at more than 1lb 2.7 oz. 

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It should also be pointed out that:

Catwomancomics claims that PayPal originally ruled against them but supposedly reversed the charges after being provided the photos.  They also directed Catwomancomics to file a complaint with the FBI under their internet crimes reporting site to which they claim that they have.   See link HERE

Here is a screen shot of PayPal finding in Catwomancomics favor"

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What Shoomanfoo is being accused of is a serious offense and one that is not taken lightly.  Again, he is nominated to the Hall of Shame as this is considered a more serious offense.  The Hall of Shame uses an example of a serious offense as selling an item and not shipping the contents.  The same theoretically holds true in reverse.  If a return is made and the contents are not included, then that is also at the same level and is considered a serious offense.  

The evidence is here for you to make a decision as to whether or not this is Hall of Shame worthy. 

However, as another member pointed out, mail fraud and wire fraud are federal crimes in the United States that involve mailing or electronically transmitting something associated with fraud. Jurisdiction is claimed by the federal government if the illegal activity crosses interstate or international borders.  There are two elements in mail fraud: (1) having devised or intending to devise a scheme to defraud (or to perform specified fraudulent acts), and (2) use of the mail for the purpose of executing, or attempting to execute, the scheme (or specified fraudulent acts).  

At this point, @Shoomanfoo is nominated to the Hall of Shame. 


Excellent work, sir!  

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the irony:

the name foo means prosperity, good luck, etc.

foo is the 36th most common last name in china.

millions of chinese started filing applications to change their last name, upon this issue being elevated to hos status.

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