Netflix's ADDAMS FAMILY WEDNESDAY show from Tim Burton (TBD)
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Liked the first episode, but it is going to take some adjusting to the new cast, as well as the tone shift. I love the 90's Addam Family movies, and was expecting this series to have more of that comedic feel, while this is clearly leaning more heavily into the macabre aspects. Good, just a bit different from what I was expecting. For instance, Wednesday's comebacks are just as cutting, but they seem to lack a bit of  the comedic edge that Ricci brought to the role. 


Overall though, off to a promising start.

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On 11/24/2022 at 6:10 PM, ADAMANTIUM said:


I new y'all would love it :) Brother was tired at Thanksgiving from binging all 8 episodes, I actually had to tell him not to spoil it, which is a rare occurrence!

I couldn't wait for my family to keep up. So I binged up to Episode 5.

This show honors the live movies while serving as its own more serious story. Quite solid.

I think I have an idea who the monster may be. But could be wrong.


The school principal or the psychiatrist. I have a feeling either is the lost sister of Garrett Gates.

Which with the principal that means when he died in front of her, it makes it even more impactful.


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My wife and I really liked this one to the point of us finsihing it over the 4-day weekend.  It was cheesy throughout but that is what made it fun.  It would have been better right before Halloween, but it was a spooky, fun show to start out the Holidays.

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I finished the season tonight. Fantastic. I think this is Tim Burton's best work
in years. My only slight criticism is after many Easter Eggs in the first couple of 
episodes they didn't have that many toward the end.

I highly recommend this for everyone. 

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Well my Christmas gift to myself was to binge it all (including a rewatch of the pilot.) Amazing how good it is! Principal Weems kept nagging at my brain until I realized she was also Brienne of Tarth from GOT! :blush:

I am not the biggest fan of arcs in a series (probably started with my love of The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits etc as a kid and later to the anthology horror/sf comics) but THIS is how to do an arc. It actually had me engrossed and awaiting for the next revelation. 

Just a tremendously well done show. The most fun I've had since Werewolf by Night!

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