Jan Heritage Auction putting up some nice artwork
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That pattern I've noticed is that while a signature auction is running, there will already be several pieces (usually not with pictures) up already for the next signature auction. i assumed to not pull the people's attention away from the current running auction, where money is flowing.

With this upcoming auction, I noticed there was like 150 pieces listed for it while the November one was still going down. Not sure if that is due to an extra signature auction being added in the calendar year, and there was little time to play? But the November one it seemed like there wasn't much hubbub for, and personally I wasn't really excited for it, for once. This next one already has me excited. Like 350 (IIRC) pieces listed at this point, lot of interesting stuff, but I think the cut off date for putting art in this one has passed. So we'll see how much good variety pops up.

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The distant back of Wolverine's head and shoulders does add a compelling presence! I was actually more appreciative of this classic Cockrum running pose below. Kurt doesn't have to run; he could have just teleported more quickly, but he's polite and didn't want to leave Scott to run alone. Plus, the fumes. 


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