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a THREAD FIT for a TAILOR! -Show your David Parsow collection books
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There are certainly other "from the collection of*" books I'd rather have, but these books are each unique and "rare" in a broad understanding of that word.  With that in mind, I decided to pick up one of them, and even though my Silver Age X-Men collection is in its infancy, I was able to get this at what I considered a fair price.

* I find it very interesting that CGC is willing to create special labels for some people but not others.  I understand this has to do with marketability of the name, but I'd love to have my books slabbed with a "from the personal collection of" label if I ever actually send one in.  On the other hand, perhaps this "service" is available to anyone willing to pay for it.


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On 1/21/2022 at 12:45 PM, sagii said:

Video on the story! 

He has an Ebay account where I've seen so many signed books before knowing who he was. I wish I'd put him on the saved seller list. Unfortunately I have no idea what his username is.

Edit : nevermind it's in the end of the video....palmtreecomics.

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He  seems to have sold off multiple signed copies  of most all of the Marvel keys ( AF15 ASM1 Dd1 FF4 1 AV 1&4 etc)  but the  grade decreased often significantly.  Wonder how many more  AF15s  he still has?

This round had many/mostly unsigned books.  Did anybody win any of those?


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On 9/7/2022 at 3:24 PM, alexgross.com said:

welcome to the boards, and nice pickup! that's a great slab to start your collection!

Thanks! Just got a FF 9 for my second one. Not a Parsow and not signed. Not as nice but I hope to upgrade it eventually. FF 13 is in my targets next!

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