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2022 CGC Grading Contest Season 1 Summer Edition (#3) Sign-up Thread
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This is the official sign-up thread for the Summer Edition grading contest.  You will need to post in the thread to enter, and the deadline is July 21st.  The maximum amount of participants is 175  I will give board members who post regularly first chance to enter.  If we have not reached the limit by then, I will use an E-mail Drip Campaign to send a PM to every board member that has 50 posts or more, and invite them to join.  There is no way to filter out the people who have already entered so, you will get a PM anyways.  I haven't tested the Drip Campaign in this fashion but, I am confident it will work.  If you don't intend on playing until the end, don't sign up. 

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grading_contest_template 2.png

Here are the rules.  Please read them carefully.

There will be 4 rounds with 5 books per round.  After the deadline for the signup thread has ended, I will start a new thread in the hey buddy can you spare a grade section, scans of the first 5 books will be posted, and I will start a PM thread between myself and each participant.  Be sure to use THIS PM thread to submit your grades every round. I will post a list for the books in the thread where the books are posted for each round.   Please copy and paste that list into our PM, and add the grades for each book.  Only CGC grades (numerical) will be accepted.  Non CGC grades like fine+ or Very fine- will not be accepted.  Be sure to follow the threads that the books are posted in.  This is the only way you will know when the next round starts.  There will be no update when the next round begins sent to our PM thread.  All of the threads with the books and the results will be posted in the hey buddy can you spare a grade section. 

You will have 4 days to get your grades in.  After I record your grades, I will reply to the PM thread so you know that your grades have been recorded.  Only grades from .5 to 9.8 will be accepted.  Grades of 9.9 and 10.0 that are received, will be recorded as a 9.8 Please do not bump the PM for any reason other than submitting your grades.  Nobody will be allowed to change their grades.  Do not discuss your grades with others in the thread until the round is closed.  Also, please do not ask any questions about the books publicly or privately (by sending me a PM) .  If I am provided any special notes from CGC, I will share them in the thread.  If anyone fails to submit their grades for a round, or do not submit grades for all of the books in a round, their participation in the contest will be terminated.  You will be able to participate in the next contest.

After the 4 days are up and the round is closed, I will post scans of the books in CGC holders to reveal their grades, and include the graders notes for the books.  A new thread will be started to show the results of each participant.   The results thread will most likely be started the next day.   There will be a new thread started for the next round.   This thread will most likely be started within an hour after the prior round has ended.       

0 points is the best score one can achieve.  1 point will be added to your score for each grade that is higher or lower than the actual grade.    If the actual grade for the book is 5.0 and you guess 4.0, your score for that book is 2.  If the actual grade for the book is 5.0 and you guess 6.0, your score for that book is 2.  If the actual grade for the book is 5.0 and you guess 5.0, your score for that book is 0.

CGC will be awarding $500 for 1st place, $250 for 2nd place and $100 for 3rd place.  


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1.  Axelrod                            21.  Dormain                              41.  Axe Elf

2.  grendelbo                        22.  toro                                      42.  pastandpresentcomics

3.  scburdet                          23.  Kav                                      43.  Kramerica

4.  musicmeta                       24.  WilliamLunt                         44.  Math Teacher

5.  ADAMANTIUM                25.  silverseeker                         45.  cbudzan

6.  sagii                                 26.  davidtere                             46.  oakman29

7.  stynxno                            27.  Wipple                                 47.  Yorick

8.  marmat                            28.  Bird                                      48.  Withering Wind

9.  Comics4All                      29.  Point Five                             49.  jas1vans

10.  batcollector                    30.  drbanner                              50.  Loki6768

11.  thesink                            31.  Beige                                   51.  JustJimN

12.  Black_Adam                   32.  BS Damutantman                52.  jazawlacki

13.  thingsofstuff                    33.  jbpez                                    53.  Get Marwood & I

14.  JollyComics                    34.  PunisherPunisherPunisher  54.  The General

15.  Doctor Dositheus            35.  Cat                                       55.  jcjames

16.  onlyweaknesskrtptonite  36.  AJDjcjames                          56.  aszumilo

17.  zzutak                              37.  old_dano                             57.  comicginger1789

18.  KryptoMayor                    38.  frozentundraguy                  58.  spidermanbeyond

19.  Warlord                            39.  namisgr                               59.  Mars76

20.  Cushing Fan                    40.  apocalypse76                      60.  Albert Thurgood


61.  Motor City Rod                 81.  Frederic9494                       101.  DELTA 62

62.  1cool                                82.  HighStakesComics               102.  BorderlineHoarder

63.  sledgehammer                 83.  AlexH                                    103.  Larryw7

64.  EastEnd1                         84.  cobbledclam                          104.  BlowUpTheMoon

65.  Cosmo-One                     85.  flashlites                                 105.  Tedsaid

66.  Rumler                             86.  spawnfreak                             106. amatta

67.  BladeTX                           87.  Electron                                  107.  JohnH19

68.  FFB                                  88.  Superman2006                       108.  pmpkface

69.  KirbyTown                        89.  ninanina                                   109.  ChrispyC66

70.  Strefan_W                        90.  piper                                         110.  mytasebud

71.  Wolverinex                       91.  telerites                                     111.  Ron C.

72.  kalanye                            92.  Crose87420                               112.  Old Fashion PB & J

73.  Dimez                              93.  JFHCOMICS                              113.  Lifesuggs

74.  Lpgk                                94.  Sandflea                                      114.  wiparker824

75.  boron                               95.  Catwomanscomics                      115.  Dark Knight

76.  Cocomonkey                   96.  gradejunky                                   116.  WEBHEAD

77.  ramrodcar                        97.  Flammenwerfer                            117.  Morganmi

78.  littledoom                         98.  Steppenwolfscomics                    118.  Gman65NJ

79.  Not A Clone                      99.  fastballspecial                              119.  Every Day A Story

80.  joeypost                           100.  1koko                                          120.  sillydiabetic


121.  CJ Design

122.  thehumantorch

123.  Bayowolf

124.  Hibou

125.  Bob Sacamano

126.  BDubs

127.  Ed Hanes

128.  dikron1

129.  Cerebus3000

130.  Tbone911t

131.  Mr. Zipper

132.  Nearfall

133.  01TheDude

134. W. M.

135.  topofthetotem

136.  adampasz

137.  jimbo_7071 



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