Tracking time now extended to 16 months
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That is Good News

As someone who works in IT glad to see your DBA team found the time to change the numeric of "8" to "16"   :baiting:

I kid of course but the Finance firm in which I'm employed has a current yearly TECH budget of 16Billion and 50K+ tech FTE's so changes are always occurring to meet client and consumer demand.



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On 10/20/2022 at 1:28 PM, Bluemedgroup said:

No one commenting on how sad it is to have to wait more than a year for books to come back???  Perhaps CGC should dial back the # of signature event series to work on more regular submissions.  

I agree.  I think that whatever they do, they should cater to real collectors, instead of the "speculator" market.   A good way to do that would be to charge more for books less than 2-3 years old.

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one more gripe... if only knew after the org buyout, how much they were going to hang regular economy out to dry, I guess I would have paid the fast track tax

*business days, and not including the wait till it gets received time. 

economy 235 *days
economy  Fast Track: 20 *days

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How about focusing on turn around times for all tiers? It is insane how long this whole process takes. We buy a year membership, only to wait a year for our comics to come back. After my membership expires, I'm done with CGC and their exploitation. Fast track needs to go, and so do in house private signings. 

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It would be nice to see an approximate moth/year in our submission tracking, instead of the actual status: "SCHEDULE FOR GRADING" just because newly senders basically cut in line, knowing it's the only reasonable way "TODAY". This modality, which seems more like a whirlpool of customers spiraling in front of the rest, unabeling the long-past senders to get their books back.

I sent 5 books back in 3/8/22 and expected a 10 month wait time. Does this mean that, now it's extended to 16 months? If this is true and using our logic, I would expect more extentions in the future, like maybe 24 months!

Keep in mind that I have to travel from South America to pick my books at an address in the US.

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