Late Fall Grading Contest
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2022 Late Fall Grading Contest 

First a few rules.

- Do not discuss grades with others either publicly or in private.

- The grades will be from 0.5 to 9.8 only

- You will have until 7 Pm (Central Time) Saturday November 26 to get your grades in for round 1. The results will be posted sometime after that.

- Do not check the CGC registry or census.


Please copy this list of books and paste it into your PM, with your grades on the same line. If you already sent me a PM use that, otherwise use

"[board name] Fall Grading Contest"   in the title.


The books for Round 1:

Tales to Astonish #16

Detective Comics #279

Captain Midnight #43


After the round is closed, I will post scans of the books in CGC holders to reveal the grades.

book notes:

1) top of book was trimmed, a fact I did not know when I purchased the book. There is also a small chip out of the top left corner of the back cover.

2)  the slightest hint of a dust shadow on the left edge of the back cover 3 /12 long, otherwise very clean bright back cover

3)  light foxing to back cover. There is a tiny tear in the upper right corner of the back cover.









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