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Superman: Newstime

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Brandon Shepherd


NEWSTIME: The Life and Death of the Man of Steel 


I’m grateful to finally have this magazine in CGC 9.8, I’ve wanted it for a long time. For years there were only two 9.8s in the census, @Iconic1s has one, and that copy won’t be going anywhere any time soon. I also figured the other 9.8 more than likely wouldn’t come up for sale anytime soon also, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I purchased five raw copies from the Mile High Comics website in October 2021. After the discount code my order was about $30. Not long after placing my order I thought I should go back and buy more copies, but the price jumped to $40 a pop.


All five copies were listed as Near Mint, they arrived safely. I picked out the best two and sent them to CCS for pressing in November 2021. Life went on and finally in September of this year I saw that the books had been marked received by CCG, after another month of waiting I finally got the good news, both copies got the desired 9.8 grade, all thanks to the press work done by CCS.

What is this magazine? It’s creative standalone issue released with the Funeral for a Friend (World Without A Superman) issues in early 1993, simulating the fictional Newstime publication, a newsmagazine in the Superman comics continuity of the era (late 80s/early 90s), I’m not sure if it’s still in today’s comics.


I found this copy a few years back, it looks really good but it has a few flaw that that keep it out of the 9.8 range, so I get to enjoy it as a nice reader copy.


There are a ton of DC Universe references.





The coverage and reactions to Superman’s passing.






I found this National Whisper insert inside my reader copy, the obituary came with sealed copies of Superman #75.




Where were you when you heard Superman died?

My coffee table is on fire! 


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That is so cool!  I kind of remember that but forgot all about it... I love the Ferris Aircraft and Camelot 3000 ads.

Congratulations on the double 9.8's!!

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