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  1. @Dave22655 Preparing Submissions for the Show To streamline submissions at the show, please take the following steps before arriving: Become a CSG member. To join CSG, click here. Complete the CSG Online Submission Form and print the packing slip. Make sure your account number, shipping address, return shipping method and requested services are included on the paperwork. Carefully insert each of your cards in a CSG Card Sleeve or similar product and then within a CSG Semi-Rigid Card or similar product. Place your cards in the exact order that they are listed on the packing slip. Keep your cards safe and secure until you can drop off your submission with a representative at the booth. All submissions will be transported to CSG headquarters in Sarasota, Florida, for authentication, grading and encapsulation. If you have your submission prepared (See above instructions) prior to arriving at the show, you can use our Express Drop-off Service and skip the line. CSG will provide tablets at the booth for submitters to use for sign-up and submission purposes if needed. Typically, the drop-off option opens up the week prior to the event (sometimes earlier) on the CSG Online Submission Form.
  2. @PuraVidaThank you for reaching out to us. The Scottie Pippen card should have received a Gem Mint 10 in the new label. It was determined to be an error on our part and the card will be sent back for us to correct. Grading credit can be used towards the ReHolder service fees. Grading credits exclude shipping and handling charges.
  3. Here is some information that I received: It is totally dependent on BGS grading for that specific card. We have had BGS 9.5s cross into CSG 10s, and we've had BGS 9.5s get dropped to 8.5s. A case-by-case basis for each card will determine the grade it crosses into. Most the time it should be at least CSG 9.5 mint plus but not a guarantee. To send in CSG cards for re-review, the customer has to treat them like a crossover and pay crossover fees. If they want a minimum grade, they must input it otherwise it will be cracked regardless. Possible CSG 9s with sub grades that they want going into 9.5 mint plus will have to be strong candidates. For example (9.5/9.5/9/9).
  4. @OG7 You are correct @oluckydayo. A CSG Associate membership or higher gives you direct submission privileges with our other Certified Collectibles Group affiliates which include CGC, NGC, NCS and PMG.
  5. All green label Gem Mint 9.5s (sub-grades or no sub-grades) will cross to Gem Mint 10s in the new black label.
  6. Yes, CSG has graded BBM Women's Pro Wrestling cards. Here are a few examples of ones that we have graded including a Hikaru Shida in the new black label.
  7. Here is the information and explanation I received: SI for Kids cards, along with all perforated cards, must be removed by hand. They cannot be cut out in any fashion. If a perforated card is missing its perforated edge, we will kick it for trimming. We take into consideration that perforated edges are going to be more rough than usual, and we take that into consideration when grading.
  8. @Shumi Yes, we do grade the Sports Illustrated for Kids cards. Here are a couple of recent examples:
  9. That was the original information provided, but ReHolders are being given new cert #s.
  10. The Star Basketball cards are on the list of cards that CSG does not grade: Sports Cards that CSG Does Not Grade 1947 “Bond Bread” style cards with square corners All “STAR” Basketball cards (1984-1986) 1984 USA Olympic Basketball “Co-Captain Gold Winning Team” Michael Jordan 1984 United States Basketball Team Michael Jordan 1994 Upper Deck Classic Alumni #298 Alex Rodriguez Auto 1997-1998 Score Board Blue Ribbon Player Kobe Bryant Auto /300 1997-1998 Skybox Premium Autographics Charles Barkley Auto 1998-1999 Skybox Premium Autographics Tim Duncan Auto 1999-2000 Skybox Premium Autographics David Robinson Auto 1996-1997 Skybox Premium Autographics Steve Nash Auto All years Fleer Masterpiece “One of One” Basketball Cards All years McDonalds Autographs All years (2000-2015) Topps Rookie Premiere/ (03/04 - 08/09) Topps Photo Shoot/ (2006-2007-2010) Topps AFLAC Autographs (Unless serial numbered) All years (1990-1992) Star Pics Autographs All years (1991-1997) Pro Line Autographs All years (1996-1997) Scoreboard/ (1991-1995) Classic/ (1991-1992) Front Row/ (1991-1992) Little Sun Autographs of Shaquille O’Neal/Kobe Bryant/Derek Jeter All years Upper Deck Buyback Autographs that do not have the original UDA Certificate 1994 Upper Deck Alex Rodriguez, Mickey Mantle, & Ken Griffey Jr. Autographs 1992 Fleer Ultra Career Highlights Reggie White Auto 1994 Signatures Rookies Derek Jeter Mail In Promo Auto /1000 1995 Action Packed 24KT Gold #1D Derek Jeter Auto 1997 Bowmans Best Atomic Refractors Derek Jeter Auto 1997 Skybox Batman & Robin Uma Thurman Auto 2001 Upper Deck Legends Football Legends Autograph Set 2001 Fleer Legacy Albert Pujols Autographs 2003-04 Campioni Di Futuro #5 LeBron James 2016 Panini Prizm Dak Prescott Rookie Auto (Autopen, every variation) 2016 Panini Prizm Dak Prescott/Devontae Booker Dual Auto/Jersey /99
  11. @Boyd Montgomery IT Ineligible type means that the card either was outside the measurements of 2 5/8" x 3 3/4" that we currently grade or that it was from a card set that we do not grade. What was the card in question?
  12. These are considered non-sports cards. CSG does not grade them at this time.
  13. I followed up again today to see what the status was on reviewing your 54 Spahn and 55 Mossi cards. The latest I received from Customer Service was that our graders were contacted to provide further insight. I am sorry that I don't have an explanation for you yet, but I will keep following up until I do.
  14. Here a few examples of Printing Plates that we have graded:
  15. @Fishman25 CSG will grade miscut/misprint error cards by notating the error and then assessing the card as is. When a card is badly miscut, centering is assessed differently than what the actual measurement provides. The notation of miscut will change how our graders assess the centering.
  16. This is the information that I was provided by our graders: Nothing is being re-graded when it is submitted for crack and cross, with the exception of any Pristine 10 green label will be reviewed for a possible Perfect 10 black label.
  17. CGCRyan

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    Thanks for the shoutout! You have an awesome Kirill Trifecta right here!
  18. You're very welcome! I reached out customer service yesterday. They are looking into this, so I will follow up with them on Monday.
  19. I will reach out to customer service and have them look into this for you. The cards should have been given the same grade in the new label.
  20. Good Afternoon @becker800, After looking up the 1992 Classic Four Sport Kareem Abdul-Jabbar/Shaquille O'Neal cards, we have graded 3 (Two regular non-auto and one auto card). The Population Report is putting them together, most likely because your card label did not denote the autograph. This should qualify for a free correction under our Mechanical Error service.
  21. Here is some information that I was provided by our graders: A Gem Mint 9.5 green label is the same grade as a Gem Mint 10 black label. The grade is the same, only thing that changes is the terminology. Everything Mint 9 and below is the exact same. Nothing is being re-graded when it is submitted for crack and cross with the exception of any Pristine 10 green label will be reviewed for a possible Perfect 10 black label. We did add the back centering specifications, which we had not previously added to the scale. We did make some very minor adjustments to the scale to be more aligned with the current market.
  22. @JM ROMEI sent you a DM earlier asking to get your customer # and submission #. If you can provide that information on the direct message, I will see what I can find out for you.
  23. Certified Sports Guaranty® (CSG®) recently revealed a new label and revised grading scale, and the overall response has been extremely positive. The awesome feedback on social media and the CSG Chat Boards is great to see. The CSG team has also seen your questions related to the new label and grading scale updates. CLICK HERE to view some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and the answers from the CSG experts.