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  1. On 5/8/2024 at 4:26 PM, Martian Manhunter said:

    You got that right. Trends come and go, and liking Marvel was exactly that, a trend. Personally, I never liked any of the Marvel movies at all. For the past 14 years, all Marvel fans did was troll and destroy anything DC on the internet, just to force Marvel comic values to shoot up. I honestly have no respect for Marvel, or their fans. In fact, when I was a kid, I liked both DC and Marvel, but grew out of liking Marvel. I just felt like it was for little kids, and just bland and boring.

     I just like comics, good stories entertain me. For whatever reason you speak as if you are some elitist and look down on others because they collect what they enjoy.. You should probably look into just talking to people and not judging them over the most trivial krap.

  2. On 5/4/2024 at 1:35 PM, The humble Watcher lurking said:

    I am not struggling as I am exactly doing pretty well. Most of the mainstream investors moved on. They will continue to move on. It wasn`t about cutting corners. Most people rather spend/invest their money on other things now. The Marvel movie spell hype is over. Wait a year when prices will be even lower.  This is a great time to be a comic book collector, not a comic book investor. Let`s face most comic book investors have lost 50% or more these last few years. We are not talking 5 or 10 percent. The same thing happened with sports cards and other collectibles. People got smart as in they can make more money in the stock market or high-yield savings account. 

     As a comic collector and dealer I can say 2 things with absolute confidence.

     The stock market at it's best has never been able to duplicate profits I have been able to find in comics.

     Coming in and trying to invest in comics while not knowing what you're doing is no different than if I came in and dumped all my money into a few stocks because some investing guru told me to. If you don't take the time to really learn comics (takes years), you will not be successful.

  3. On 5/4/2024 at 1:23 PM, The humble Watcher lurking said:

    Sometimes short-sighted answers are the best. I have been thinking long term. I will make a bet with you if the comic book market goes up a year from now I will send you one of  PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App to any charity of your choice $100.

    If it goes down further like I think, then you send me $100 to a charity of my choice. 


    Seems ambiguous at best. Books will always go up and down, tastes change, focus change, people come and go. If you really want to sit and act like it is guaranteed that books will continue to drop then we can certainly discuss how much Crime Suspenstories 22 will drop by at least 15% in all grades over the next year if that suits you? We obviously can't track everything and many blue chip books become less stable around movie hype.

  4. On 5/2/2024 at 5:07 PM, The humble Watcher lurking said:

    The major factor is the Marvel movie hype is over. A great-looking movie coming out Deadpool and Wolverine, but yet both Incredible Hulk #181 and New Mutants #98 have dropped in price incredibly.  The Deadpool and Wolverine movie can`t even move the needle, and actually lower prices show people have moved on. Most people I know want to go to music concerts, sports events and great restaurants and experience good feelings with memories and not collect things. 

     You're still collecting something, a memory. And if in fact you have to make the choice between those things and comics there are obviously other factors including your personal funds available for entertainment, priorities in said entertainment, etc. But to say the Deadpool movie can't "move the needle
     on those books may possibly be one of the most short sighted answers available. How much do those book currently sell for (through rises and dips)? They have ALWAYS been readily available, many people had bought them years ago and prices can only climb so high. Did you expect Hulk 181 to reach a million in 9.4? No, it will always rise and fall and when you rise into the 5 figure market your buyer pool shrinks by leaps and bounds. 

     People have hardly "moved on", maybe YOU have found social outings to be more exciting? But I can say that I attend typically 2-3 shows a month "I don't say concerts", usually hit a Birds game once a season, and eat at different restaurants a few times a month with the wife. Still spend plenty of time with comics, building cars, playing in my own band, and raising 2 teenage boys who are multi sport athletes. Just because YOU struggle to figure out how to better manage funds and time doesn't mean the world has moved on. 

  5. On 5/3/2024 at 11:36 AM, blazingbob said:

    And while I'm all about the "live" experience I am becoming more and more concerned with backing tracks and are they really singing?

    If you can't sing anymore don't play live..


    The fact that people are charging insane money and not even performing the songs live is disgusting at absolute best. 

  6. On 4/14/2024 at 10:10 AM, oakman29 said:

    I used to play in a touring band, and opened up for the likes of Missing Persons, Pat Benatar, and Motley Crue to name a few. I still play guitar and have played for 50 of my 60 years on this planet. My band even was good enough for a record company to put out our first CD. However sales weren't Beyoce big ,so they dropped. If you don't sell a billion copies they just throw you out like yesterday's trash. But here are some pics.




    I sing for a hardcode band and cant afford to tour due to having a family. But I toured alot in my 20s.

     Unfortunately not very impressive. BUT we did get to play some sweet gigs so far this year where nobody has been seriously injured, that parts pretty impressive.