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  1. Is there a corner crease upper right front cover?
  2. 3.5 Realign the spine and press for a 4.5
  3. And the definitive answer is yes, it is considered resto: https://www.cgccomics.com/resources/restoration/
  4. solid 6.0. might push 6.5 if you're lucky.
  5. I'm going to say that white out is not considered restoration. It will bring down the grade of the book however. 3.5/4.0
  6. I agree. Looks 7.0/7.5 after press/clean. I wouldn't bet on 8.0
  7. 6.5. looks like there are a few tears on the book. BC tear outer edge?
  8. I gave it a 3.5 before viewing CGC result. Nice copy!
  9. color rub top left spine stress bottom right corner crease thumb impression at top of book creases on back cover that break paper 7.5 post press/clean
  10. I missed 8 books in the first go around for the listing: Here are the link to these new books just listed: Adventure Comics #47 CGC VG/FN 5.0 Adventure Comics #70 CGC FN/VF 7.0 Adventure Comics #85 CGC VF+ 8.5 Rockford copy All-American Comics #19 CGC FN/VF 7.0 Detroit Trolley Detective Comics #68 CGC VG/FN 5.0 All Winners Comics #14 CGC VF- 7.5 Batman #50 CGC VG- 3.5 Crowley Copy Marvel Mystery Comics #19 CGC VF- 7.5
  11. Thanks guys for the well wishes! I hope all is well. And thank you for the purchase of the Supes 32! Great cover! Your book was shipped out yesterday. So be on the lookout for it tomorrow or Monday.
  12. 1 (800) 548-3314 • info@qualitycomix.com All-American Comics #61 CGC 6.5 OW/W Human Torch #1 CGC 6.5 OW/W Young Allies #1 CGC 7.5 OW/W Adventure Comics #61 CGC 7.0 OW/W Action Comics #19 CGC 5.5 OW/W Captain America #5 CGC 6.5 LT/OW Marvel Mystery Comics #25 CGC 8.5 OW/W Adventure Comics #42 CGC 6.5 LT/OW Marvel Mystery Comics #13 CGC 6.0 CR/OW Batman #18 CGC 7.0 OW/W Quality Comix is excited to present nearly 200 CGC graded comics from the Golden Age of comics. Lots of great books from Timely and DC publishing. These books will be listed this Thursday, February 2nd at 10am CST. Some of the (not complete) runs include: Action #14 and up Adventure #42 and up All-American #18 and up Captain America #s 5, 7 and 10 Flash #8 and up Human Torch #1 and up Marvel Mystery #10 and up More Fun #57 and up Superman #5 and up Of particular note, All-American Comics #61 (1st Solomon Grundy) in CGC FN+ 6.5, Human Torch #1 in CGC FN+ 6.5, Marvel Mystery Comics #13 (1st Vision) in CGC FN 6.0, Batman #18 (Axis leaders cover) in CGC FN/VF 7.0, Military Comics (1st Blackhawk) in CGC FN+ 6.5, Adventure Comics #61 (1st Starman) in CGC FN/VF 7.0 and Young Allies (1st Young Allies) in CGC VF- 7.5. Click HERE to view all of the upcoming offerings from this grouping of Golden Age CGC Comics!
  13. Fast shipping, great communication, 5 stars in my book!
  14. Great buyer, fast payment, no problems at all! Thanks Joey.
  15. qualitycomix


    Fast shipment. Accurately graded comic, thanks again!
  16. I just received an ASM #121 CGC 8.0 from Chris the other day. The book was securely packaged and quickly shipped. A problem free transaction. Thanks again!!