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  1. This little batch of Aussie gems adds nicely to my stash. Overall they add a book to one set and create four other sets.
  2. You're getting out of control. You've got a bunch of great books to show for it though. (thumbs u
  3. So after some consideration Matt (Define999) and I agreed that FCC needed a social presence on the web. Here's the link to FCC's Facebook page. Check it out!
  4. Really porc? You need to take another look at my site because you apparently missed all the miscellaneous DC romance stuff. Granted, ducks and mice aren't really my thing, and although I don't presently have any, I've been keeping an eye out for some EH Winnie the Pooh. Just haven't seen any pop up really. Eventually I plan on trying to complete that run but I've got, as you know, higher priorities on the list right now. (thumbs u
  5. So am I because those signatures look off to me. Of course when you can slab a book at whatever grade you want I suppose it's not a big deal to add signatures yourself.
  6. Probably not considering that apparently most of the registry guys consider foreign editions as just re-prints based on the comments being made.
  7. Got a few more things in. Bukki is an Israeli title that takes it's name from Buck Rogers which was the main feature for most of the run. It was published from 1967 through 1972. These two issues contain the story from Tales of Suspense #58. The first part uses the splash page as the cover and the second part uses the cover image from ToS #59.
  8. Very cool. I got out of original/production art though, it was just getting too expensive to keep up with.
  9. I'm sure everyone will agree that we definitely look forward to seeing those pics. Don't feel bad, from the sound of it I was in pretty much the same state (in terms of collecting) as you once upon a time. With very few exceptions I've pretty much purged my collection of US material and have turned to strictly foreign editions. As far as FCC attending Indiana Comic Con... I think it's safe to say that Matt (Define999) and I will be perfectly happy with the results. It's not like we're selling anything so recouping expenses isn't a concern, we just want to raise the awareness about this niche of ours. IIRC the projected attendance is around 10,000 people for the weekend. Even if we're only able to get 1% of those people to take a serious look at what we're doing I know I'll consider it a success.
  10. HEY NOW!!! Oh wait... nevermind, that's pretty much an accurate assessment.
  11. Tim I dont think you have this but migt wanna check it out pretty cool! http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Artima-Aredit-COMICS-POCKET-BATLASH-N-1-RARE-EXEMPLAIRE-/270945289078?pt=FR_JG_Livres_BD_Comics&hash=item3f15990376 http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Artima-Aredit-COMICS-POCKET-BATLASH-N-1-RARE-EXEMPLAIRE-AB-/360593499528?pt=FR_JG_Livres_BD_Comics&hash=item53f50c2588 http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Artima-Aredit-COMICS-POCKET-BATLASH-N-3-RARE-EXEMPLAIRE-/280854393501?pt=FR_JG_Livres_BD_Comics&hash=item416439f29d http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Artima-Aredit-COMICS-POCKET-BATLASH-N-7-bel-etat-RARE-EXEMPLAIRE-/280832566379?pt=FR_JG_Livres_BD_Comics&hash=item4162ece46b Nope... sure don't. I'll be zeroing my sights in on France as soon as I finish off Mexico though.
  12. I finally got the last two Mexican Adams/O'Neil Green Lantern books I needed to finish the run in the mail yesterday. In case anyone missed it here's a link to a thread I started here in Comics General yesterday to show them off.
  13. If anyone's interested I just got in the last two books I needed to finish my Adams/O'Neil GL run from Mexico. I posted pics in a thread in CG, here the link. (thumbs u
  14. You've been about getting a scanner for at least 6 months now.
  15. Got a few books in yesterday from Nuno (Barbarian). I've got my website pretty much up and running too. Check it out if you haven't had a chance. There's lots to see. Link
  16. I know it's just a one day show but I thought this one might be of interest to some people. Mr. O'Neil doesn't seem to make too many appearances. I wonder if there's any chance of getting a CAW for this?
  17. Yeah, I recognized it as a Goodwill edition. Here's a pic of my #237 Goodwill.
  18. "Reprints" the case the people make are these prints are the first introductions of these stories so to them they are original editions in a different language. That's all fine & well but still doesn't change the fact that the correct term would be foreign language reprints. I was born in Denmark and read Danish reprints of American comics growing up - that those reprints were my first introduction to a lot of the Marvel characters doesn't mean that they're suddenly "original editions". In some cases it's true that these books are reprinted but translated versions of American comics but there are also cases where editorial changes were made as well. It can be something as subtle as a store sign in the background being changed to something more in line with that country's culture to whole panels being removed or changed for the same purpose. To just write them all off as reprints simply isn't fair.
  19. Thanks! I've been collecting foreign books for around 4 or 5 years now. I seem to be incredibly lucky when it comes to finding stuff. At least according to Matt (Define999). Once again... if you decide this one needs a new home let me know. It would look great next to my #237. (thumbs u Batman 236-gb