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  1. It might be a Hulk #197. You know... the one with the Man-Thing cover by Wrightson. oh yes yes, of course..you're all about the Man-Thing Only Bernie Wrightson's Man-Thing.
  2. It might be a Hulk #197. You know... the one with the Man-Thing cover by Wrightson.
  3. 1) 2) Hector, you should see the one Matt still has to send to me.
  4. These are italian first editions, but the german ones you showed are different. The italian books were structured this way: they used the story from a main title (i.e. Spider-Man) which also gave the name to the italian title, and then featured backup stories from another character, taken from additional US titles. While I think these recent german adaptations try to mimic the original US book also in its editorial form, and thus they should be slim books with a single story featured (and are not, in general, the first edition in german of that title). +1 This has essentially been my view since I started collecting foreign books.
  5. So... I got this UPS package today. These were inside. Since the last couple Susy romance books I posted seemed to be appreciated I figured I'd post these as well. Oh yeah... there was one more book in that package. This one's kind of a big deal. At least to me.
  6. If you have any you want to sell let me know. I'm pretty much always in the market for them. (thumbs u Im curious about something Mark? If you had known it was a National Bookstore what would you have done? Would you have still bought it? Also, do you think it is possible the original owner of the store could still be around with back stock? Thanks a million! (thumbs u Sorry for the very late reply. Was busy last couple of days. To answer your first question, I would have not bought it in the first place since I originally thought it was the real deal and not a reprint. My face was full of frustration when I got home and opened the comicbook and found out it was a reprint. I almost throwed it in a garbage can! As for the shop's owner, I believe he consigned the remaining stock to another hobby shop since he cannot find anyone interested in buying them. Take note that this happened two years ago. I'd be more than happy to take any of them off your hands if you find them whether they be super-hero, horror or romance. Not big on war stuff but I'd probably consider them. (thumbs u
  7. If you have any you want to sell let me know. I'm pretty much always in the market for them. (thumbs u
  8. Here's one more Filipino edition I forgot I even had.
  9. As far as books that we have seen more than one copy of, there are four of them pictured in my initial post in this thread. Here's the list: 1) Action Comics #411 (saw another on ebay) 2) Avengers #96 (Define999 has one too) 3) Batman #237 (there's a lower grade copy pictured at STL) 4) World's Finest #210 (saw another on ebay) 5) Tarzan #205 (Define999 has one and a Filipino contact I spoke to has one) That's it. We haven't seen duplicates of any others.
  10. There are maybe four or five books at the most that we've seen more than a single copy. They are proving to be rare beyond belief. Just based on the climate conditions and lack of storage supplies I'm willing to bet there are quite a few that were printed of which not a single copy remains in existence.
  11. It's not a matter of how desirable they are. Plain and simple they are versions of a product with slight differences, be it the cover price, advertisements etc. which is a variation of the original. Hence a variant version. Filipino is not the correct term for the language spoken there, it's Tagalog. The books are in English though. It's highly unlikely that more than one of the bookstores would have been granted the license to print the same book. At this time it can't be confirmed or denied since not enough of these books have surfaced to make that determination. The closest cross over we've been able to detect up to now is Goodwill Bookstore produced Action Comics #405 and National Bookstore produced Action Comics #411. We don't know, however, if the rights to publish switched from one chain to the other or if both were publishing their own versions at the same time.
  12. Here's a few Canadian things I just got in the mail today.
  13. I've owned a dozen or more copies of DC Special #6, it's not so much an unknown cover as it is under appreciated. I'd wager the majority of Adams fans are well aware of it, it's just not the first thing that comes to mind when they're pulling out books to have him sign. Just because the larger percentage of people would vote for the 227 doesn't make it a better cover.
  14. When Mr. Adams himself states that he doesn't understand why people are so drawn (no pun intended) to the cover of Batman 227 (and Superman 233 for that matter) then you have to give it some consideration. There's a considerable amount of detail and varied emotion in so many other covers that he did that just aren't present with the 227.
  15. I respectfully disagree. These are all better covers than Batman 227 IMO.
  16. Therein lies part of the problem. We don't know if they printed titles sequentially or if they jumped around in the numbering. We haven't seen enough of these book to make that determination.
  17. If I remember correctly Iron Man shared a book with another character, Daredevil maybe? I don't recall seeing Italian versions of any of the Silver or Bronze Age Iron Man covers though. Are there any?
  18. The thing you have to keep in mind as far as the American collectors of foreign editions goes though is that the important parts of it is the use of the original cover and story content. When assembling a "set" of a particular book from various countries that's the key.
  19. Nice! Thanos isn't quite as shadowed in the window as in the US version.
  20. In most cases the covers have subtle differences such as no price, different numbering etc. and the ads are usually house ads for the bookstore they were printed for are the thing that would IMO classify them as variants. Either way it doesn't matter what you call them, they're about as scarce as hens teeth.