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  1. not true i seen a ton of csg reveals lots of tens with no subs, never seen a perfect 10 without subs tho to be determined i guess
  2. its legit the blotchy ink is a dead give away for real 86 and 87 fleer, the red in soaks intho the paper, a fake will be solid red no blotchyness and look real close behind the stats the pink should be very tiny picapated dots not solid pink, impossible to fake unless faker works for fleer ha
  3. Its real! the 86 n 87 fleer red is blotchy like that and fhe nba ball, bulls eye are good ways to tell, but the pink under the stats look real close it should look like tiny dots not solid, theres a few pages that help with the 86 n 87 jordan real vs fake to help but looks real, id have to see it in person to be 💯, good luck n congrats
  4. i gotta alot of vintage in pristine shape wit those rough edges from the way the card was cut, im choosing not to submit sux ya take good care of your mess n in the end the manufacturer messes up the value
  5. everything perfect from the eye is a 9 at csg to get a 10 gotta be perfect under 10x microscope a perfect 10 is just that perfect 😬
  6. i got alot of ink stains in late 80s jordans and Montana rookies im hoping it doesnt effect the grade to much goodluck
  7. roller marks and print lines def a problem lately i threw out a pack of panini select because of full length lines through all the cards, sux the collectors literally pay for the manufacturer mistakes especially after pulling a valuable card, some brands n years will never 10 like the 87 fleer baseball griffey rookie very rare for a centered 10
  8. yeah alot of you tubers loyal to csg which is good for increasing value and there starting to grade more high end cards then the early reveals
  9. i think sgc is terrible for flipping they been around a while and there slabs still sell for dog, whats that say bout sgc i think when psa comes back there done and csg values gonna surpass them, only reason sgc is still going now is desperation of flippers who need to move cards fast but taking big hits, csg values on good cards arent that bad for new company at all, csg 9.5s n 10s are climbing fast, its already a presence on ebay with csg slabs more prevalant every week, ill take that new fcg over sgc but fcg is lacking is security of there slabs no bar codes no security feature but really tufff graders
  10. that card looks great in a csg slab i been picking up alot of green refractors to match csg, i like green refractors anyway there almost always serial numbered which means low pop count for me
  11. i like csg for vintage i seen a few csg vintage reveals seem pretty fair not too harsh at all, sometimes i wander bout fresh out the pack 87 topps why they dont do better but paper junk wax tuff i guess, I got some vintage plan on grading soon early 80s to late 80s i personally look for old boxes for sale to help prevent altered or fakes not 100 proof but helps, raw vintage on ebay makes me nervous but sometimes you can vet vintage collectors on IG or ebay there typically more passionate bout the hobby and enjoy buying selling n talking classic cards, Amazon got vintage too more expensive but worth it
  12. not really itll say perfect 10 instead of pristine 10, 5$ a card for subs would be better I like subs especially if ya get an uneexpected grade i wanna see where i got hit, most likely itll be surface ha
  13. agree im looking foward to a pop report any data is good data and you can use psa's pop report with the csg pop report for even more precise data. Also I think itll be cool for loyal csg collectors that have been here from the start watch the numbers climb from the beggining and the card trends of csg collectors, im excited i think csg is a smart play with smart collectors who are thinking long term and a pop report will positively motivate csg return customers, just my opinion
  14. doesnt make sense csg is holding cards, 2 major grading companies are suspended and at the same time the hobby had a huge boom with tons of new collectors grading cards that never have before csg, sgc, are getting tons of volume right now, HGA has a lottery system just to grade cards, no one is holding cards hostage there swamped and dont wanna over hire because when psa n beckett come back there volume is gonna decrease substantially, when psa n beckett return will see what is what. personally i like csg because they been around since 87" and when psa returns I think csg has the best chance of sticking around especially wit the fanatics relationship
  15. Etopps are great looking cards, the 2008 Max Scherzer rookie is extremely rare and one of his best rookies, I personally just bought a 2004 etopps tom brady refractor cause it has an extemely low pop count, I wouldnt hesistate on em, there low pop all around and almost niche' to the hobby alot of older collectors really appreciate that blip of etopps cards, if you find a max scherzer rc etopps for under $200 hmu asap ha
  16. thank you! its not a myth! it is possible it seems like surface is the catagory that prevents so many csg 10s which is crazy, ya open the pack put it in a sleeve n mail it and ya get wacked for an 8 on surface! ha nice card tho glad ya got subs to show it off too a true 10!
  17. its a good point! its all consumer perception and the simple inevitable fact that 10 is greater then 9 will continually keep psa values higher. Im assuming csg is hoping over time the csg 9.5 will have equal value to the psa 10 and there perfect 10 will be thee most valuable of that particular card possible!! will collectors perceive csg that way in the future with all this competition who knows i hope so i like the clear csg slab
  18. thanx for sharing got some vintage i was thinkin bout,was really curious bout that 87 greg maddox nice cards dig that pete rose
  19. I seen csg 9.5's and csg 10s selling for equal too or more then psa its not super common but with the right cards people will pay, even wit csg 9's im sure dudes are thinkin ill buy a csg 9 crack it and try n get a psa 10 for top value, csg values are going up, when psa comes back and turn around times improve for csg itll be exciting what happens with grading
  20. interesting thought, but is it possible to use the psa type scale and still use .5's ? i think most collectors like .5's and psa is about 70% 10s on modern type cards its ridiculous your paying for the brand not the card, Im curious has anyone ever got a perfect 10 at csg not a pristine a perfect 10? it should be possible after all we take good care of the cards we are not the manufacturer we just open the packs we dont make them
  21. i think csg has the best chance if they improve turnaround times, they gotta keep the big collectors happy, some guys submitting multiple bulk orders, who have a youtube channel and lots of influence in the hobby can make or break a company, quallity goes a long way but gotta keep the cards moving or just gonna be another 3 letter label other then psa, csg values will continue to climb with return customers and good cards
  22. me too i wish i didnt! i would definantly go to them ha but i cant help it i hate the tuxedo case
  23. i agree i think there in the best position to be around long term and the fact they been around since 1987 gives me a little comfort too, the csg values on ebay seem to be going up a little more every month the more good cards collectors see in csg holders the more will submit and values will reflect accordingly, def gonna take a little time but already seeing a csg presence on ebay a few Lebron rookies in csg holders could make all csg values go up it gives the grader validity