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  1. those 1990 Jordans are not easy grades, Psa theres only 400 psa 10's out of 8000 of the base, and similiar to the allstar, the other looks like an 89 also super tough grades, chances are csg were accurate on them, Its a $20 box of hoops your gonna crack and resend for an 8.5!! 😂😂 sorry man but your better off buying a few boxes and looking for a gem then keep regrading especially if your plan is to sub at Psa for $100 a pop, Should think about these things before goin in the garage n cracking all your slabs, that jordan is worthless unless its a 10 anyway 6,7,8,9 makes no difference, just trying to save you money and effort, Good luck
  2. ill bet ya a T. Brady rookie they dont! 🤝 unless Russia bombs us then bet is off
  3. ya say ya screened your cards and went through them but how do you screen your cards without even looking at the scale and grading criteria, who pays for 125 cards to be graded and dont know that there 9.5 is a gem mint at the time. for ex. a psa 10 is 60/40 centering and csg is 50/50 all around or was now there 55/45 around its a huge difference, not including criteria for corners and surface, ya cant expect 10's if your sending in the wrong cards that dont meet there requirements. Csg is new not gonna get a huge Roi there more of a longterm play or very card specific
  4. curious how there gonna do the player set, 10 spots im assuming best player set overall because theres so many sports and catagories, looks like the Tom Brady set is pretty impressive, i thought i might have a chance at Tom Brady if i get all mine subbed in by june but he has some huge cards, nice job to that dude!
  5. A surface of 4 your missing something big, happens to the best of us?
  6. yeah 55/45 all around, real happy about that, the appearence of 55/45 is still really good, especially with bowman chromes there slightly tilted at times hardly noticable, some brands are never 50/50 all around or extremely rare
  7. I dont think Bgs is as out of the loop as people think, sgc is grading more volume currently but there still trusted with the biggest cards in the hobby, they still have a solid foundation of collectors who will only go to them with monster cards for the look of the slab and trusted grading established over a long period of time. Its gonna take Sgc and Csg a long time to get to that level but I think csg is in the best position to get there. Sgc been around since 1998 if they could they would! Agree the scale change was 100% nessacary to compete tho, especially when psa opens bulk csg needed this or it could of gotten scary! now ya got the price point an awesome slab and the scale to boot.. I think a color change for the perfect 10 from csg would be cool, maybe a hologram flip???
  8. now when ya get a perfect 10 with subgrades you can say true perfect 10 🤷‍♂️
  9. well said!! I can see how subs could slow things at first i thought there doing it anyway whats the big deal but recently i seen a hga vid and the subs were all over and just didnt correlate, Csg's although harsh at times were on point csg werent just throwing numbers out they were meticulously grading each area and then the card as a whole, when grading a card with out subs ya start at a perfect 10 and each imperfection drops ya down accordingly sounds much faster then subgrades, I will miss subgrades tho I was learning how to screen my cards better now i wont have a clue why i got dinged, i always found the issue wit the subgrade now ill be staring at a 7 for an hour scratching my head! 😵‍💫
  10. your right i think if you return your cards for reholder and you have subgrades they should change it over for free I think thats fair,at least thats half! I been saying since the beggining of csg that there 9 is more like mint plus because there 9.5 is a gem mint, csg green 9's are sharp cards and beat out any 9, your 100% right but i guess they drew the line at the gem mint grade, they have alot of obstacles with an updated pop report exc.. i guess a 9 to a 9 isnt the worst issue even if some cards with higher subs might qualify for a mint plus the overall grade was still a 9 and a 9 it will stay apparently, its a huge transition im sure bgs thought about changing there scale but been doing it for too long, theres gonna be unhappy customers, some guys on this thread graded over a thousand cards and gotta pay reholder and shipping fees, thats a hurt!!
  11. right now there all kinda tuff, psa tough on corners but allows for 60/40 centering sometimes, csg tuffer on centering and harsh on surface but reguardless learn how to screen your cards really good and it wont matter where you send, because ya'll be subbmitting gems!! learn how to be meticulous look for every tiny speck of imperfection, get a magnify glass, a bright light, a centering tool and learn to prep your cards by wiping them down front and back,, it takes time you get a better eye over time, good luck
  12. everyone grades for different reasons, I personally grade to protect the card for my PC but If see a card forsale i really want Ill have cards ready and slabbed that I can sell to get a better card, I sell raw cards too but for me with more expensive cards its easier to be transparent when selling graded cards, that way the buyer knows exactly what he or she is getting and cant complain. I grade high value cards but I also grade some cheaper cards if I think it will rise in value kinda fast for example a Bowman chrome auto you can find a prospect for $40 and could go up to a grand easy if your lucky, so i like to slab em fast keep em sharp and looking good and ready to sell if i choose.. everyone collects for different reasons or grades for different reasons, some just like the way a card looks slabbed, some collect, some flip and most do both., Whatever you do, do you the most successful collectors I met do there own thing and dont follow hype, they find a niche and it works for them.. learn how to screen your cards youtube reveals are great guys like subhub grading, deviation cards, bnp grading a bunch of channels go over what to look for how to give yourself a best chance for high grades.. goodluck
  13. you have a good point but its a new scale theres gonna be a few things that dont make 100% sense with a big transition, I would just take the gem mint 10 and be happy, instead of arguing for a 9.5 mint plus because of the old sub grades, if ya like your 9.5 so much then keep it!! it would be a logistical nightmare to regrade every card according to the old subgrades, its cool there turning 9.5 gems to 10 gems lets not get crazy, you can always crack n resub and try to get that 9 to 9.5 mint plus with the new scale, i think were gonna have to sub and relearn this new scale and the way csg is gonna grade going foward your right the 9.5 is still really strict still
  14. wow man, hopefully the new gem 10's and new flip get you more value on your resale to help soften the blow, its a big transition but hopefully down the line itll pay ya back, good idea reach out on the side maybe can get some grace when it comes to reholder fees because your a great customer with massive submissions, cause ya got shipping cost too Good Luck!!!
  15. if you didnt get subs you have a shot at a perfect 10, you had to get subs last time for the perfect 10
  16. I would hold your pristine 10's, unless you didnt get subs and think you have a chance at a perfect 10, but if csg blows up and i think they will, i think the green pristine 10's will be a cool card to have and could increase value because its sharper then there gem mint 10, and agree if you got subs they should wave the reholder fee for that specific card
  17. i never seen one i dont think itll be a different color it would be cool if it were gold or all black, curious to see what it looks like with the subs tho
  18. the 9.5 mint+ is pretty strict still, if ya think they can bump up .5, if its a high value card maybe crack and pay the 20$ fee instead of the $5 reholder, I would only bother of it were a big card ya'll probably have best luck with example 1, your not gonna get more then a 9 with a sub of 8.5 with the other 2 but who knows could get lucky
  19. i would think so, if you do that soon please post, really wanna see a perfect 10 in the new slab!!
  20. you see on the brady rc the csg part with blue n teal, is that a team card match? I agree i thought the green was a powerful brand color and reminds ya of sports but new one is nice and with there slab it more then works, is that card matching or are all slabs have that blue n teal?
  21. kinda sux i really liked the subgrades I was learning exactly how they grade and how to improve, im curious about the perfect 10, it reads like you have to request a shot at the perfect 10 and if you do get the perfect 10 there will be subgrades with it? does that come at an extra fee with each card? I liked the green but new labels arent bad whatever but what you think about the scale change? I think its gonna be a total game changer for csg and the hobby It was absolutely nessacary because when psa opens bulk csg cant be giving out 9.5 gems its absolutley whats needed to compete with psa, i say psa because sgc cant compete with csg prices and sgc dont have the resale like psa does, major power move by csg they got the price point the slab and the man power to keep turn around times fast. Congrats Csg there goin for that number one spot and i think there gonna take it in the near future, but bring back the subs like ya said wtf so hard bout sub grades 😂
  22. dont really need subgrades to determine, if a 9.5 is gem mint and they used the .5 grading scale before then technically all csg grades should move up .5, but it might stop at the 9 because they did call it a mint 9 and not a mint 9+, i been saying this since csg came out that there 9 should be called a mint plus if there 9.5 is a gem, but id be happy with the 10 and the rest water under the bridge
  23. thats great I think thats gonna make alot of people happy seeing there 9.5's turn to 10's! worth the 5$, so will a 9 be a 9.5 mint plus? 🤔 ha who cares a little curious tho