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  1. i always go by a significant ding 6 or a 7 its on the back so maybe a 7.5-8 hard to tell how much you get hit for something on the back csg grading scale isnt super clear on the backs good luck, it you sub this can you follow up with a post of the grade?
  2. guy on youtube did a csg vid took him 7 days to get label corrected, all companies screw up the label sometimes
  3. really where did ya see that? honestly kinda concerned bout a flip change I dont mind the current flip that much but dont wanna sub some of my more high end cards and have an outdated flip I really dont wanna pay or resub for a new flip
  4. shoutout to tenclubcards who does these sales comparisons weekly, csg isnt always the highest seller but a good amount of the time for higher valued cards like these, hopefully csg strategy is paying off! keep in mind some of the sales are earlier or later then others, the market changes fast but csg gets higher values alot , goodluck!
  5. i appreciate it thats an increblibly fair offer just not a great time for me this month, but you should really grade and authenticate it for your own good, edges are chipped but its still kinda sharp looks like it could be a 5 give or take and if its close to a 5 your lookin at alot more then $1500 and ya'll feel better about it knowing %100 its real even tho im pretty certain its real, I probably read hundreds of articles on fake jordans and youtube vids before buying my 87" jordan has the same back n tell tale signs. thanx tho good luck i'd grade n keep if I were you Jordans only going up with his legend!
  6. Just wanted to say thanx csg for making registry so simple, I had no intention of using it but took a picture front of back of a slab was debating on selling, csg QR and csg site popped up on my phone after flicking the back, 2 more clicks and entering my name I had a registry set!! Super Easy to use and track your cards!! cant wait to add to it
  7. maybe your eye isnt as good as ya think i watched hundreds of csg reveals and been gettin my own cards graded there might be 1 or 2 dissappointing grades but for the most part you can see where ya got hit especially if ya get subgrades ya got 124 cards of less then 8.5's that is crazy!! and your plan is to crack all 124 cards under 8.5 and get all grades above 9? If you do that successfully I will give you my entire collection! no wildly_fanciful_statement but you said 200 cards your cracking and resending if you get a grade above for all them cards ill give you my collection! 🤝 maybe give me a decent card if ya fail after all im puttin up alot ( and ya gotta sub to a major company not some acronym no one heard of)
  8. greening is a tuff pill to swallow, cant believe someone on this chat heard of it, thanx for the update I was curious what brought that down, resell prices for csg are going up a little especially for higher value cards theres evidence that csg's strategy of tuffer grading is working a little check out a youtuber who compares slab prices csg is selling for substantially higher then psa n sgc but mostly for cards over 5G's but itll trickle down to lower end cards eventually, hopefully
  9. should be easy i seen a few guys crack an hga slab with there bare hands but a pair of channel locks or plyers to the flip should do it, I would watch video on cracking bgs slab similiar slabs with hga, good luck!
  10. csg's stategy is working theres a youtube channel that compares prices between graders csg is consistently getting higher value then psa and sgc for the same grade mostly high value cards because collectors who are droppin a few grand on a card want a card graded accurately, one example was a Wilt Chamberlin rc csg 4 another psa 4 and sgc 4 csg sold for around 2000 more, its early too csg only been grading sports a year thats good news for csg slab holders
  11. right! dont matter how many ya get graded if your not screening or sending in centered mint cards, i watch a few youtubers that do csg reveals and they call almost every card accuratly, these guys predict the grade and know exactly why with every single card, people get in there heads graders just make the grades up for some larger agenda, finding perfectly centered cards isnt easy and thats just one catagory, 10s are more valuable because perfect cards are rare!! some brands of cards are a 7 before the pack is even opened, i opened a pack of 2021 select looked like i pulled them out of garbage disposal
  12. I buy a 2 tom brady cards every week! from rookies to 2013, every refractor several 2002's and 2003s, Im buying as much Brady as i can afford, He really is the GOAT you can see his cards go up 50-100$ almost every 2 weeks, sending them all into csg soon his cards are gonna be impossible to get soon!! just my strategy
  13. i seen some psa reveals lately there Gem rate isnt much higher then csg, there a little more lenient on centering but there not the easy 10 like they were 35% on ultra modern, csg is 26% on ultra modern but csg has an 8.5 grade those nuances and accuracy matter in terms of value and ya know exactly what your getting as a buyer
  14. thanx i thought that might be the case, i was like NOOO! the clear slab is the best part about csg maybe a border on the flip but leave the slab alone
  15. Are these new slabs with a shorter flip?? Anyone else see these before? any info seen this reveal and was kinda shocked
  16. agree i like csg for vintage slab looks good and there not crazy harsh, i watched a bunch of sgc reveals n csg, csg isnt any harsher on sgc wit the vintage n like ya said if your grading to preserve n look nice csg cheaper too
  17. this was a study done by a youtuber this doesnt include patch cards because there too hard to grade but the gem mint rate is 10% lower then psa not that bad, this includes mostly modern cards for csg and all cards for psa, All modern psa 10's i would assume around 60-70% if ya know how to screen your cards well. I personally prefer an accurate grader like csg but you can definantly see the upside for flippers with psa. hope this helps
  18. wow thats crazy and you got 3 of em!
  19. really nice ricky henderson thats a really great grade for that card ya dont see too many in that good a condition, congatulations great classic cards
  20. really nice cards!! hopefully a pop report comes out soon alot of curious customers csg 10's seem to sell very good, a guy on you tube compares grader sales of cards and the csg 10 does very well and there pristine 10s i never seen a perfect 10 get compared to other sales but i would put it up well over a psa 10
  21. seriously? cause psa is $150 a card right now! that and it depends on whether or not your grader got laid the night before, or wait over a year to get cards back and technically someone on youtube did a study showing csg gemmints 9.5 almost as much as psa gemmints i think 35% psa 10s and 27% csg 9.5s not much of a difference and no one is putting a gun to your head sub with whoever ya want