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  1. I like the new label excited about it wit the csg slab dissapponted about the subgrades but I heard a perfect 10 is gonna have subgrades of 10's across, i like the scale change too, However probably a good time to crack a few old csg slabs 😂
  2. good question!!! a gem mint is a gem mint i would assume all 9.5's will be gem 10's
  3. idk man ya spend a ton of money on card dont ya want it in a slab thats easy on the eyes, lots of csg collectors buy green refractors to match and even if it dont matter to you it might matter to someone your trying to sell to if ya sell a flip change could help ya sell a card, it is crazy tho that its peoples big gripe wit csg, csg flip is as good as any psa bright red doesnt match anything
  4. yeah at philly show i didnt see any, and when it comes to trading and most auctions its all psa and bgs, its gonna take a couple years but csg accomplished a ton in 1 year, the pop report, registry and they seemed to surpass HGA and close to or equal to SGC who has been grading sports cards since 1998, maybe I over stated but just to be compared to a 23 yr old company is pretty good. I think csg is on the right track hopefully they keep there prices the same to stay competetive because when psa opens bulk it will really put csg and even sgc to the test
  5. its not so much a barrier to a 10, a 9.5 is gem mint I think your saying the grading scale in general is the issue, Csg gem rates for moderns arent that much different to PSA slightly lower but nothing crazy, I guess the question is, Is a 9.5 gem mint going to be sustainable in the hobby? In 5 years will collectors pay the same for 9.5 gem as another companies 10 gem mint? Is the number 10 that important to the hobby? I think we can all agree a csg 10pristine or perfect will have no trouble with getting value but will the 9.5 gem grade work out for csg? I dont know man 😂 I think the sgc scale would have worked out better for csg, explaining to buyers the 9.5 is a gem is an uphill battle for csg sellers, I guess we will find out its a good scale for buyers looking for sharp cards but def not great for sellers/ flippers, The sgc scale with subs, csg prices and crystal clear slabs would probably be a homerun 🤷‍♂️ will see, I dig the green too
  6. i seen a guy crack psa and sgc slabs and send to csg for vintage because he was tired of hearing csg was easy on vintage, results were csg were stricter or the same sometimes csg was 2 grades lower then psa but pretty on par with sgc only .5 less most of the time. Csg is not more leniant on vintage per his experiment ha
  7. stricter grading from csg, sgc and even psa grading stricter these days might help improve manufacturning and quality control because like ya said sometimes i think card making is getting worse especially panini and print lines in Select are bad
  8. i do to, green goes with most cards maybe a border to appeal to more collectors but i like the flip and slabs, im hoping they keep some green and dont totally change it the slab and flip is just starting to grow on the hobby
  9. yeah maybe slowly introducing the new colors seeing how people respond will see i personally dont mind the green a border would be nice tho
  10. check out my response in csg chat, under ask Csg, Flip change there changing it
  11. you can only get a half a grade higher then your lowest subgrade! you do not divide and get the average, for example if you take a perfect card corners 10, edges 10, centering 10 but take a knife and carve and X onto the surface your not gonna get a 7! your gonna get a 1 or a 2 because there is a big X carved into the surface doesnt matter that the rest of the card is perfect because no one wants to buy a csg 7 with a huge X carved into the surface!!! subgrades are a guide but gotta look at the card as whole
  12. I seen youtube vid guy said he went to a grader trade show thing and you ask the company reps questions, The rep for csg said they are def changing the flip they are using focus groups and its taking a little because they want to get it right. It could be in one month or in 6 monthes but its happening, Also said there could be a grading or scale change too I guess there rolling that around too, I doubt there gonna keep the green sounds like there going for a big change and hoping it will be a hit, will see, guy also said if ya have older slabs gonna have to send in to change the flip for a small fee..
  13. 😂 agree i see these breakers jumping up and down screaming a name i never even heard of because its an orange 1 of 10 or whatever, all i can think is who's gonna spend superrefractor money on an unknown mediocre player but whatever blows there head back
  14. i asked a few people they said graders havent been to this show for 2 years I said not onsite grading just submitting they said nah not anymore ha its cool post office is fine maybe ill see csg at the AC show in july
  15. recently grader values are very card specific there's been plenty of times csg got more value then psa or sgc and vica versa, psa 10 for modern basketball destroys a csg gem mint but a csg 6 wilt chamberlin rookie just sold for 1500 more then a psa 6 wilt chamberlin rookie, its catching on csg are tough graders especially for high value vintage but csg isnt great for flipping moderns right now, Gem rates for csg arent bad if you know how to screen your cards I seen multiple csg reveals wit 80-90% gem rates just gotta be meticulous and have a good eye
  16. this set are tuff grades all black susceptable to surface issues and edge issues but if it does do well you got a real nice gem! goodluck
  17. no company does, even if sgc claims to im sure its a quick once over but if you want best results you dont want to create extra work for the person grading your cards, i wouldnt take a chance sending cards to sgc with smudges n fingerprints all over theyll probably hit ya for surface just for being annoying and a lack of consideration. i know collectors who forgot to prep a few cards in there submission got crushed on grades, cracked there slabs buffed there cards with microfiber or papertowel and turned 6's into 9's or gems, thats how important it is!! my advice is to make the graders job as easy as possible, some put little post it tape on there penny sleeves to make it easier for the grader to pull the card out, it can mean the difference of a half a grade in your favor which can mean the difference of hundreds or even thousands of dollars with certain cards especially with companies like psa that dont do half point scales, i got a better example then a welder, wash your nuts before gettin your hooker!
  18. I couldnt find csg at the philly show, I probably should of checked this site for the booth number but i was expecting a booth with csg signs brought my prepped cards ended up spending my submission money on a another Trout rookie oh well post office will work
  19. YES!! I just sold a fernando tatis jr toppstotal rc for 20$ psa 9 at the time that was the comps this week the same card going for 150-250$ raw 999$ in a psa 9 😂🤦‍♂️
  20. a quick way to do it to save time if you got a smart phone take a picture of the QR on the back of the slab it will automatically take you to csg registry and set assuming that set exists, psa slabs do the same
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    the green refractors 💰🔥🔥🔥🔥
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    awesome kobe metal 🔥
  23. good question got a few rough cut cards was reluctant on subbing, like this is as good as these cards get they arent made with smooth edges
  24. there great cards! an 8 still decent for a vlad auto really cool looking card, if you see things at first glance your lookin at least an 8 out the gate, getting hit on stuff ya cant see that good is really frustrating!! i would def get subs on auto's and nice cards like that but to each his own good luck going foward congrats on your slabs
  25. yeah its annoying when it happens to your card but in the overall scheme of things its playing it safe, any fakes, copies or altered cards dont have a chance at csg which is a great thing, with the printers scanner technology and money in the hobby these days you can never be too safe its just security, if a customer is angry that his card wasnt trimmed a company can handle but slabbing a fake jordan rc can destroy a grading company especially a company new to sports card grading