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  1. Ed Piskor was an imperfect person. He also brought incomparable meaning and joy to the lives of many people, myself included. I am also an imperfect person, I hope I can bring others a fraction of the meaning and joy that Ed did.
  2. The Kickstarter is winding down. We’ve hit our goal so Gold Key will return. There’s still time to grab some rewards. If funds are tight, jump on there and check out the art. Our buddy Skinner made a killer Blacklight poster featuring Boris Karloff for us. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/goldkeycomics/gold-key-comics-and-boris-karloff
  3. Definitely, dissecting some of the rights issues has been one of the most challenging “Gold Key Mysteries” for sure but the M.A.R.S. Patrol Total Wars stuff is awesome. If we can square that one away, we will.
  4. The fine print: - We don't own any of the original Gold Key content. We are hoping to have a conversation with the rights holders as soon as reasonably possible. But until then, the content will be all new and all original. - We have had difficulty finding a printer that can print on newsprint at a quality that we find acceptable and at a price that would make the final product competitive to other publishers. We are still looking but we may not be able to use newsprint. Feel free to ask any other questions. I still have a day job so I may not be able to respond regularly but I will respond as soon as possible.
  5. Wow, almost a year since the last post... I didn't want to come on here and talk about all of the amazing plans we had until we had something tangible to announce. It's been a wild ride getting to this point. Grab me at a con and I'll share some crazy stories, from bar hopping at 1:00am in San Diego with amazing creators to getting lost in Palm Springs driving Sara Karloff around town. We circled the globe and looked in the shadows, and there will be more announcements soon. But now we are, ready to announce... GOLD KEY COMICS TO PUBLISH FIRST NEW TITLE IN NEARLY 40 YEARS Gold Key Entertainment, LLC, in partnership with the Boris Karloff Estate, announces its first title – “Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries.” Kickstarter campaign to launch MARCH 28, 2023 Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries is coming! The new series blends the feel of the classic horror anthology with a modern, ongoing narrative in a way that is sure to excite fans new and old. To reward early supporters, Gold Key has created a unique, early special edition of issue one available through Kickstarter. This crowdfunding campaign is scheduled for pre-launch on March 16, 2023 and will go live on March 28, 2023. The special edition offers a one of a kind reading experience peeling back the layers of the creative process to give readers a behind the scenes look into the creative process. This high-quality printing will be akin to that of an artist’s edition. With a hardcover printed exclusively for backers of the Kickstarter campaign, the special edition is sure to be highly desired among fans and collectors. Wrapped inside a beautiful cover by Johnny Dombrowski, issue one of Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries contains three original stories from talented creators including Michael W Conrad, Steve Orlando, Artyom Trakanov, Kelly Williams, Jok, Craig Hurd-Mckenny, Sergey Nazarov, and Kyle Arends. Each issue of this ongoing series will contain complete stories and a continuing narrative, ensuring a satisfying reading experience while building the foundations of a multi-issue storyline to be carried forth in subsequent issues. Joining Gold Key Comics in its return as a reenergized, updated publisher, is an old friend and one of the biggest names in horror, Boris Karloff. Gold Key Comics originally published nearly 100 issues of the series, Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery, between 1964-1980. This Spring, these two icons return to comics. We invite all fans of Gold Key Comics and Boris Karloff to participate in the inaugural publication by supporting the Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries Kickstarter on March 28. Do not miss out on the exclusive special edition of the very first issue to be published by the new Gold Key Entertainment. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/goldkeycomics/gold-key-comics-and-boris-karloff https://goldkeycomics.com/ Instagram - @gold_key_comics Gold Key Comics is Chief Communication Officer Adam Brooks Editor in Chief Michael Dynes Chief Creative Director Arnold Guerrero
  6. Bwah, I came to buy comics and they told me to come back later… Terry how does one achieve VIP status?
  7. I'm looking forward to this one. I haven't been to an out of State show since the last California Comic Con in 2020.
  8. Someone told me recently that the way I sell is the old way and is dying out. Whatnot is the new way. I thought I should adapt so it gave Whatnot a shot. I realized that I don’t enjoy selling the new way. It’s more like entertainment centered on and funded by a transaction. I realized that I don’t enjoy selling comic because of a transaction I enjoy the deeper interaction with fellow collectors who share a common interest with me. I experience this at conventions, on the boards, at local shops and to an extent on Instagram. Whatnot is more of a streamlined commodification, hyper-focused for a brief time on individual items. I sold some books and made some money, but I didn’t enjoy it. I sell comics because I enjoy it, if it’s not fun, then it’s a job. I want to keep comics as my hobby not my job. That’s the old way. I like the old way, I think the old way will be around longer than I will anyway so I’ll leave the new way to the ones who grew up with Tic-Tock.
  9. I hope this doesn’t provide incentive to butcher the book in the theory that the sum of the parts are worth more than the whole…
  10. Just because they are making “fat stacks of skrilla” (do the kids still say that?) doesn’t mean that I have to respect them. I reserve the right to be an old . When I was young, old bastards ridiculed me relentlessly, now it’s my turn
  11. I’m pretty sure a trumpet blasted, four men on horses rode out from Sheol, and a woman with loose morals riding a dragon flew across the horizon when this announcement was made.