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  1. I appreciate your pursuit of ethical standards, but it seems you're not at fault here. Even with grading notes, you may not have all the details and the oversight, if there is one, is not yours. Given CGC is the authoritative body on grading, their evaluation sets the benchmark. There's no need for worry on your part. Anyone purchasing the book will receive it as a CGC-certified grade at 8.5, which is definitive.Thanks for posting!
  2. Thank guys, anyone here have an idea as to what label this would get with a detached cover like this? Any opinion on of if would be worth getting it graded?
  3. I bought this as a reader's copy some time ago. I would like to upgrade to a better PQ. I am wondering if I should get it graded to make it easier to trade or sell, or if I should proceed with one of these options as is. I'm also uncertain about the label it might receive, considering it has a detached cover at the bottom staple. I've attached some pictures; this is my first time creating a thread like this, and I followed the format of other similar threads. If you need more pictures, please let me know. Thanks! Front Cover: Top Left Corner: Top Right Corner: Bottom Right Corner: Bottom Left Corner: Back Cover: Top Right Corner: Top Left Corner: Bottom Left Corner: Bottom Right Corner: Picture of detached staple, front cover:
  4. Hi, this is my new kudos thread as my old one lilkely got deleted due to inactivity. I've been on the boards for a while off and on and wanted to get a new kudos thread up as I am intrested in puchasing and selling comic books again. Thanks!
  5. The shipping was super fast, I think I made the purchase on a Saturday, the books shipped the same day and they arrived last night, a Monday. I opened them this morning and they were in perfect shape, sandwiched between two boards and the books were bagged and boarded. The packing had tape with markings on where to pull, very thoughtful. I had a wonderful buying experience. Thanks much!!
  6. @CGC Mike this looks like a clear oversight, CGC should be able to assist you in you someway with this, I would think.
  7. My wife, who is not a collector and cannot understand why a book would need to be encased in a plastic case, loves the smell of old comics. God bless her.
  8. I recently got a new job at an accounting firm and would love to get a comic book or a few comics to frame and put on the wall in my office but I am having trouble locating any comic books depicting accountants or portrayals of accounting on the cover or in the story. It may not be common but I thought I'd be able to locate at least one or two. If any come to mind please let me know. Thank you!
  9. I haven't posted here in a while. I missed this place and these a great reason why, the third book is amazing and I would have never come across something like that except here.
  10. Those Shazam: The New Beggining books are awesome, very cool covers.
  11. Completely off topic but this picture just made me realize that this kid from the film is playing a thug type character in the Strain, crazy. Alright, back to Shazam, carry on.
  12. Scott McNairy was great in Killing Them Softly and Argo. I think he's got the talent to pull off the Flash and it's a good sign (for me anyway) that Affleck's prints are all over this DC Universe.
  13. There is something in there about Snyder saying "Aquaman could cut Superman's flesh", how is this possible? Any theories?
  14. ...not if Marvel shows the first trailer for Age Of Ultron. Peace, Chip PM me a link to that!
  15. I don't want to turn this into a DC v Marvel thing again but safe to say DC stole the show? , I kid, I kid.
  16. , I never thought anyone could look formidable standing next to Cavill but as of this moment I have been proven wrong.