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  1. The Bob Kane File Copy on CC had a huge jump in offers. Up to 220k, Still far from the BIN price but some movement after a long time standing still
  2. The Action 1 CGC .5 is a book I've never seen before. Any guesses? I'd say 300-400k
  3. Whats a middle of the road coverless, complete Action 1 go for? 150k?
  4. MC 1 underperformed IMO by A LOT. I was expecting a cool Mil. I bow down to Gotham Kid
  5. 2 Million is my guess. That MC 1 continues to disappoint $ wise
  6. Who wins the hammer? MC 1 7.5 Bats 1 8.0 Assuming it MC 1 but this one has me curious
  7. Herage had an ultimate fall out 4non display in Chicago tonight 9.8 estimated auction price of 4ok WTF
  8. I don't think the No. 1 fragment was part of the original cover pieces but Id gather it was from the same owner. He sold the no. 1 to a board but at that point kept the super, car, guy on his knees, and tire
  9. How much for a tec 27 , no CF, Repo cf & cover. Interior leaf casting but not the art. repo cover has original batman holding criminal taped on plus the hat flying off the crook is also original.
  10. This is my favorite book in th auction . How can this NOT go for 6 figures??? The pieces on the front alone are worth 50-100k imo
  11. the tec 27 and bat 8.0 are on display next week in Chicago at heritage's office in the Loop