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  1. I love drivers licenses from celebs. Never thought about making a buck off of them I just like to collect and look at them.
  2. You getting that bad boy slabbed? Beautiful looking single page. Love the notations and old abbreviation for Illinois !
  3. Great ad! Is not this the one that they acted as a buyer for someone recently? Maybe they bought it themselves to get pub for their house?
  4. I can't fid the thread but I think it was in GOLD so I'm asking here. I heard that file copies now are able to submitted for the gold pedigree label. Now I am hearing form CGC that that is incorrect. Does nay remember this thread and the information in it ?
  5. Hello , I have heard that File Copies from the publisher are no eligible for Gold color labels. Is this all verified publishers or just the Gaines files ? Thank you
  6. The time and cost to slab each individual page wouldn't make it worth it in my opinion.
  7. Does anyone know if there will be on site grading this year ?
  8. Not blaming the guy but boy he sucked from jumped. I've seen way better there. I can't believe that book sold for under 6 figures.
  9. Under 100 would be a crime. 120ish sounds about right in my head. Then again, 150 in today's market still wouldn't surprise me for this bad boy.
  10. Coverless Tec 27 hasn't budged in a while. There has got to be a ton of room left on this one ? How does it not become the first or second complete coverless copy of a funny book to break 6 figures ??
  11. So did the 2nd highest graded Marvel Copy (Pay Copy) sell for 1 million less than the second highest graded Cap 1 copy ?
  12. I can't figure out how delete posts on this thing for the life of me. I asked a question that I ultimately found the answer to
  13. As I'm watching the coverless Tec 27 ........Does anyone remember the record for a coverless complete. I believe it was the Action 1 on eBay a few years ago at 105k ? (or maybe that was the asking price and it didn't;t break 100k?).
  14. Im just disappointed in a few books Cap 1 being one of them. It was a grail of mine for a long time which I traded a few years ago. I always thought it was undervalued even before the Marvel movies. IMO it could arguably be the biggest Marvel book of all time across any age. I still think it's undervalued. Incredible cover, first appearances galore, and tons of cap stories and art.