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  1. This buyer liquidated part of the collection. Last I heard he still had the SUpes/Car and wasn't;t parting with it
  2. This is amazing ! This has got to be a new record already for a 2.5. You are so close to 100k a point.
  3. MC 1 2.5 is going to hit 80 ppp. Possibly 100k . If Bats 1 is 80k ppp. Supes 1 is pushing 100k. What the low grade ppp on Action 1 and Tec 27 ?
  4. I'm not surprised in the least. It's 1 of a kind . Very cool DISTINCT piece
  5. Seems like it's right on target for where it should be at 80k a point . No ??
  6. CBCS is just as reputable, It would be nice for the hobby if you saw more of those for sale. Once Beckett bought them I expected more in terms of a broad name
  7. Without Robin there is no The Batman movie in 2022. I believe that.
  8. I've finally come to the realization that Tec 38 will NEVER be the book I thought it would or should be, I am a product of my time and the watering down of the number of Robin's didn't help the cause.
  9. I think retail it's worth 110- 120k in todays market but who knows in a bidding war. Nothing would surprise me. For those with a low 6 figure budget this is the closest your are going to get for a complete unrestored Tec 27. Coverless Action 1 maybe 150k
  10. Not that a book like Bats 1 needs movie hype but man the timing is great.
  11. Very excited to watch a boardies complete, coverless Tec 27 ........Any hammer guesses? Today's market . On Heritage. Should do gang busters
  12. On SNL this past weekend they were flipping through a raw one in one of their sketches
  13. Did you get an option for a 15 % Buyers Premium, How does that work over there at CC ??
  14. Great Caesars Ghost !! That's your book ??!!! You picked the right time to move the Bats over the Cap if you were going to decide to sell for max $ amount that's for sure ! I'll be rooting you on as the auction nears it's end.
  15. I spent 8 hours there in 1993. Loved every second of it. Looking forwards to Baz's vision of The King but NOTHING will top Kurt Russell's performance in 1979. I don't like this guys new look personally. I preferred Russel, Michael St Gerard, or Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Had never heard the theory before that his little capes were a nod to Captain Marvel Jr as well as the lightening bolt in TCB logo
  16. I know you did ! Full credit given ! Quarter on its way to Florida
  17. Im behind in my Supes low grade ppp. I figured it was around 100k
  18. Your top 3 are beautiful books. 350k and 300k guesstimates for the Top 2 (Bats & Supes 1). Great snag ! Well done. The fact that someone is coming to you with that Supes 1 this early in your tenure shows a lot of faith IMO