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  1. Anyone see what the Tales of Suspense 39 page 13 hammered at ? Not sure why I haven't gotten an update from HA.
  2. Whomever tore that front cover should be brought up on charges
  3. Disapointing. Screws with the canon. The Leia story line is too much as well. They should let Faverau touch everything Star Wars like they do with Feige and Marvel. Something was just off the entire time. Bad acting along the way too from the third inquisitor and that first Jedi. Grand inquisitor too easy to kill
  4. HATED HATED HATED THIS MOVIE !! I know I am the only person on the planet that is saying this. Was so pumped to see it. Love Cruise movies too. HUGE disappointment, Did not need to be made.
  5. Thanks. Looking for FMV and ultimately looking to sell
  6. Got my ticket for Saturday night. Pumped ! BTW, I have Tom Cruises's original signed contract from The Outsiders (1983). Anyone have any idea of what it might be worth? Just been sitting in a drawer collecting dust for years and years
  7. I have his original signed contract from The Outsiders (1982?). Never thought it was really worth much but if I ever met him I'd give it back to him if he wanted it
  8. He's creepy AF but he makes great movies. I would see anything that guy is in. He could badmouth me on screen for 2 hours and I'd still recommend it
  9. I might have missed it on the thread but did anyone see what the 8.0 hammered at last night over at Goldin ?
  10. Still a large gap between Tec 27 and Action 1. Action 1 is king by a country mile
  11. So, 2 of the 4 Top 4 that closed way under recent market value have now suddenly started up again with extended bidding at an increased amount
  12. Why is there extended bidding on the top 4 books if no one has bid in hours ?
  13. I love drivers licenses from celebs. Never thought about making a buck off of them I just like to collect and look at them.
  14. You getting that bad boy slabbed? Beautiful looking single page. Love the notations and old abbreviation for Illinois !
  15. Great ad! Is not this the one that they acted as a buyer for someone recently? Maybe they bought it themselves to get pub for their house?
  16. I can't fid the thread but I think it was in GOLD so I'm asking here. I heard that file copies now are able to submitted for the gold pedigree label. Now I am hearing form CGC that that is incorrect. Does nay remember this thread and the information in it ?