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  1. There was a time Cap 1 was neck and neck with Bats 1 in recent history. It just hasn't moved the needle like the other mega keys during the pandemic. I love Cap 1 for the record.
  2. The Batman doesn't need a movie to bring a mega key to life . Cap 1 and MF 73 are yesterdays news and dead books. They had their shining moment which sadly has passed.
  3. I will be re-submitting to get me a taste of that golden label goodness. file copies need their own color
  4. The bound volumes at the DC Archives Library in Burbank are pretty cool. They have since become separated and put in mylar. Not in the best condition though but kept from what I understand as far back as 1935.
  5. I would gather the centerfold is the most valuable page here to someone. Do you have a back cover to this (hard to discern from the label). I would guess $1200. The front cover is what most people covet about this pre Robin tec
  6. Dunno but check out the coverless Tec 27 on HA. Strong out of the gate. I didn't even know the auction started today
  7. The 8.5 TEc 37 on HA is a thing of beauty
  8. Anyone notice Flash Comics 1 1.5 Brittle topping 80k. Just amazing numbers these days. The SUpes 1 1.0 is already over 100k with a day to go
  9. I'll leave that up too the experts but that is a BEAUTY !
  10. Where do you put the cut off for "good " PQ on a book of this magnitude? 150k would not suprise me. I don't think I'm telling tales out of school that there were offers when this book was on eBay of 115-120k and things have only gotten crazier. Personally, I have no problem with the PQ but then again I wouldn't with brittle either on this bad boy
  11. Great question for the boards. The most I've seen sold for a single page from the SA was 4k (AF 15 Splash) And for the record I think GA was 27k (Action 1 Splash). Big fan of Single pages for the reason you mentioned above. It's apiece of history !!
  12. Ahh, The Promise Collection. It's amazing what this mega key has done especially when the knock on it not that long ago was that many copies survived , I wonder if this book has now knocked MC 1 to #5 on the GA list
  13. Zen, what's the coverless complete Tec 27 gonna fetch at Heritage??
  14. A 2.0 Bats 1 sold recently for 240 K. ????!!!!