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  1. Action 1 = Jordan Tec 27= Lebron
  2. How come we have to wait until March for the Tec 27 auction ! I need my instant gratification NOW! Hey OP ! If Austin Butler deserved an Oscar nomination for Elvis than Kurt Russell deserved the Nobel Peace Prize!
  3. As it should! Made me happy just see/read it through the slab!
  4. There was a boardie by the name of Dom who works(ed) there. Haven't seen his name in a while
  5. I figured 75k a point was more in line with a Bats 1/Cap 1 and that MC 1 was way higher
  6. I don't know anything about him being shady but I find him extremely creepy
  7. MC 1 2.5 --what gives? Anyone surprised like I was? Went from 145pp to 117ppp. What would a similar Tec 27 & AC 1 go for in todays market?
  8. Been quiet for a while or I missed some auctions. That Judge Ball auction yesterday was a PR disaster
  9. The story behind this one is so cool. This was a storage locker find in Cleveland OH. Run through CGC to get it in this auction before an even bigger Bats 1 that's coming up next time around. 1.1 million dollars in comics found in that cheap storage locker.
  10. I can't believe I literally threw my pristine copy away 20 years ago.
  11. The book was offered to his competition Eide's Entertainment which is the COOLEST COMIC BOOK SHOP IN THE USA IMO. Owner convinced it was trimmed by the Bob Kane sig. Offered to pay to get it graded to prove it. Todd declined. Last time I spoke to Todd was 2015. he still had it then
  12. Hammer guesses outside of tree fiddy for the purple Action 1 and/or Tec 27?
  13. I meant less rare. Love this book. Owned a low grade that I bought from Filter years ago. Had a real low number on the census then but that has increased dramatically. Plus you see more for sale these days. Cool you had a 5.0 Blue.
  14. Flash 1 at almost 50k a point is well deserved. Not as rare as it seemed 10 years ago (same as AA 16).
  15. wow almost 50k a point respectively. Cap 1 definitely has moved up as of late which is nice to see