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  1. Cates had been charging $10 - $20 per signature, may be the same for Stegman.
  2. Rich usually requests the payments up front to determine how many items he has to grab. Usually through Paypal, but you would have to ask him about any other options.
  3. You can also contact Kevlar and Rich_Henn. They both usually go to SDCC. There are quite a few facilitators on the board. You would send them your issues, and they would then get with you for what you you want, and send them to get graded, etc.
  4. i'll take the unsigned Red Sonja and the ASM 800 virgin copy, please! Per PM
  5. There's quite a few still doing them. This thread has a list of Who, When, Where, and What about halfway down.
  6. I send in groups of 25, so that could be the reason for it not being seen. Then I get anxious to see where the orders are in the process and check everyday at least twice. I guess it's an OCD thing.
  7. Please add or correct for clarification. From experience it tends to go this way: Received - meaning it has arrived at CGC and placed in a line in order to be... Verified - where the issue is verified it matches what is listed on the order form and placed in line to be Scheduled for Grading - it is now near the front of the line and soon to be grabbed. If it is a single issue, it'll be quick. If part of a bundle then expect the status to change to Grading - it's when its being checked over, looked at, etc Graded - tends to be the next step where it is again in line to be encapsulated and for Quality Control to go over it, just before being Shipped/Safe - when CGC boxes them up and sends them off. They use to have an option to place them in a safe for local pick-up, alas no longer it seems.
  8. You're fine. It's good to be cautious but it's crazy to be paranoid!
  9. As above! You look to be safe. The older cases had 'stickers' on top labeling the comic itself. They can come unglued. The rest of the case looks fine too. If you tamper with the case by opening it, the case tends to spider on the opposite end. Give the comic a once over through the case, search for any obvious flaws beyond the 9.6 grade. If you really want, you can send it in to CGC to get reholdered to the newer case. Welcome to the boards!
  10. My last order had a failed pre-screen. There were also notes as to why as well. Could be a sign they are turning a corner?
  11. It should be fine. Reholder's don't get graded, just re-slabbed. That is just how the system works for reholdering issues. I just went through the same process with my Batman #608.