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  1. Does anyone know if it usually lasts all weekend. I’m leaving for vacation and would like to ship it out before I leave to make sure I don’t run out of time. Does CGC have to receive a Mechanical error within 14 days, or does the invoice just have to be printed within 14 days. I’m assuming receive. This “inbound shipping error message” is going to end up costing me 9 out of the 14 days.
  2. What’s my first step in reporting a damaged slab? The box it came in was undamaged but the corner of one case was shattered. I can’t find a clear set of instructions on how to report it to CGC. Thanks for any help.
  3. i agree with a 9.4. 9.6 max after a light clean and press
  4. There is a long light scratch on Batman’s face. Looks pretty good otherwise. What’s the grade? Thanks.
  5. looks like the one I just sent in. still waiting for the results. I'm hoping for a 4.0
  6. If it was my book, I would press it with less pressure than normal. But I would press it. Then I would lightly buff it with a cotton makeup removal pad. Then I would hope for a max of 2.5. But that’s me, do what you’re comfortable with. As it is, it’s a great book to own.
  7. 7.0, any improvement of the sunfade would be told off by the darkening of the paper in the gutter.
  8. 8.0. looks like that corner dog ear crease could be ironed out. Great book!
  9. 9.4. Kind of a dark colored busy cover to get signed.
  10. Looks as if a close relative of his graded it.
  11. Creasing, corner rounding, back cover staining and light staple rust. I’ve cleaned and pressed it as far as I want to push it. What’s the grade? Thanks!
  12. 2-3 color break tics on cover, back cover upper corner touch and rounded bottom back cover corner. 9.2 to 9.4. Great book! one of my favorites
  13. if the soiling were removed and a good press, 8.5 max
  14. I think that bottom right corner can be ironed out. Afterwards, with a well placed signature maybe a 9.4
  15. 8.5 on the low end. max of 9.2. That black back cover shows some scratches and color break ticks. Depends on the grader's leniency.
  16. great book. I've got my eye on one that I'll probably pick up this thursday. I would love to see yours after it's graded.
  17. great copy. a press and dry clean/buff and it could be a 6.0. without it i think it's a 5.0-5.5
  18. When submitting a book for grading, how do I determine what the price is? Is it the raw value pre-grading or is it the post-graded value? I may have a raw book worth $375 that becomes worth $1200 once it is slabbed. If I go with the $375 value then it fits into the Modern tier but if I go with the graded value, it goes into the standard tier. I'm just looking for some clarification. Thanks.