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  1. 7.0 max after c/p. Limited by the multiple color breaking tics on fc. Dust shadow on bottom bc
  2. I’m at 8.0 as is. Max is 9.2 with a good clean and press.
  3. I'm at 8.5. The back has 6 color breaking tics and what looks like scuffing and some kind of crease running down the back right. The front looks great especially if the press gets out the upper dimple. The purple looks great!
  4. Thanks. I’ve cleaned and pressed this book a few times. I’m thinking that it’s close to being ready for grading. I don’t want to keep pushing on it until it breaks.
  5. 7.5 as is. after a good clean and press, 9.0 is the ceiling. The back should clean up nicely. That corner crunch is a killer
  6. The pictures of the items in the estate sale said that the comics were located upstairs. When the doors opened, the guy in front of me immediately went to a room downstairs. I went upstairs as directed in the estate presale pics. The comics weren’t there. I asked the guy in charge where are the comics. He said they’ve been sold. He was referring to some Disney books. So I looked around and there was a box of mostly coverless archies(not GA). I thumbed thru them and that’s where I found the FF1 and popular comics 3. I grabbed them and paid. As I was walking out I saw the guy in front of me with all the FFs. I asked him how he knew to go to that room. He said he knew from the pics. There was no way. He’d never been in that house. I’ve got to believe the fix was in and he had some inside info. The FF1 was not shown in the presale internet pics. I later found out that the box I went thru had been found late and they must have not cared since the majority were coverless. I figure the guy was a regular and knew the owner of the company running the estate sale. I would have loved to have gotten #1,2 and 3. It was an experience.
  7. its #1 of the series. with the golf club on the cover
  8. The guy in front of me got Famous Funnies 2,3,6,7,12,13,14,16,18,19,20,21,25,26. Somehow, he missed #1. I was upset at not getting the others but then i decided to be thankful for what i did get. Once in a lifetime opportunity.
  9. thanks everyone. in full disclosure, I have submitted modern books before, but nothing near this value. I think it's a 2.5-4.0. I haven't gotten time to sit down while nothing is going on and properly and carefully evaluate it. I do know that the cover is not detached but I haven't counted the pages. Got it at an estate sale in Vicksburg, MS along with Popular Comics #3.
  10. that's kind of what I thought. Thanks so much for your time and research. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  11. A follow up question. Do I look for a FMV for an ungraded book or do I use a recently graded sold value that matches my best estimate of what my book’s grade will be? Thanks.
  12. I have a GA book that I want to submit for grading. How do I determine what is the FMV, which determines the cost of submittal? Thanks.
  13. 8.5 after a clean. I love the art on romance comics. They all remind me of any warhol.
  14. depending on if they call that a printer's error on the FC, I'd say 9.2-9.6
  15. 8.5-9.0. I've got the same book in the same printing with the same issues. I'm probably going to submit mine due to the fact that got it super cheap in the wild and I feel it will look nice on my wall once slabbed. Mine is more like 7.5-8.0