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  1. 9.2/9.4 with a good back cover clean assuming no staple rust.
  2. the spine looks great. corners a little rounded. clean up the back cover and press and a 9.2. 9.4 as a stretch max. I love that mini series
  3. is that a small tear in the middle of the top back cover? If so, 9.4 max after clean and press
  4. maybe 9.6. Is that some cleanable dirt on the punisher's logo?
  5. with a good back cover cleaning, possible 9.2 max. That front cover looks great! Too bad it has that tiny corner crease. Great book!
  6. I agree with 9.4 with back cover bottom crunch removed. White pages. I wouldn't be shocked if it got a 9.6 from the right grader after c/p and polish.
  7. ZOINNNKS!!!!! Like it looks like a 4.0 to me, man!
  8. 3.0-3.5. Nice book. Not a whole lot you can do outside of a light press.
  9. And it’s the 39¢ price variant. I’ve got a copy but it’s not as clean as yours. I think yours can get a 9.0
  10. I’m getting a submission together. So I’ll be posting a few more books. Thanks for everyone’s time.
  11. Please let me know what everyone thinks. I’m grateful for all input.
  12. 9.4-9.6 I don't think it will get to 9.8 due to what looks like 3 small tics. The corners look super sharp!