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  1. I'm surprised no examples of this title have been posted yet: 25 27 28 31 34
  2. Hey, wow! Nice copies of old Archies are super tough to find. And Laugh 128 contains a "Fly" story!
  3. Sure they were asking people to feel sorry for them. Otherwise what then was the point of the complaints to which you yourself referred? Given how much comic prices have increased in the last ten, thirty and sixty years, I find any kind of belly aching about "low" prices ridiculous. Whoever is doing the complaining is in very serious need of a reality check. Especially after they'd financed vacations and kids' school loans with their previous profits. As a collector for the past 45 years, it's all about the passion for me. I can't tell you what (if any) money I've theoretically "made" on any of my purchases. For one thing I can't remember what I paid for any of my comics or other collectibles. For another I never look at the prices of the items I already have in my collection. I only look at those on my Want List.
  4. More of my World's Finest Comics:
  5. What is that "True Stories" comic above?
  6. I wonder if there are "Highest Graded Copy" collectors regardless of genre, publisher or issue? I would regard such an inclination to be bizarre, but it would explain the high prices fetched by some of these comics.
  7. That is a superb piece of writing on the membership form! I'd be proud of having written those lines. Stan Lee was a genius when it came to connecting with kids. The only comparable people were the ones working at Topps.
  8. Well I guess we can't blame silly speculative demand arising from movie hype in these instances.
  9. Yeah it's distressing. Both the Sgt. Rock's Prize Battle Tales and the Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer Giants are right up there on my Want List. The reason of course that I've not acquired these issues previously is that I've never stumbled across them in grades as nice as my other comics. But yes to the second job anyway. I all too often feel that my talents are going to waste now that I'm retired. Be interesting to try my hand in other fields.
  10. I'm trying to guess whether the comics above were bought by investors/flippers or collectors desperately trying to fill in runs. Funny how board members here very rarely admit to being the ones who snagged the comics that fetched nosebleed prices.
  11. More Tom and Jerrys: 143 149 163 182 185
  12. If it's the Negative Superman you want, you need only ask:
  13. Sell? You mean part with my comics? Is that possible? Why ever should any comic enthusiast sympathize with that lot?
  14. But it doesn't benefit the collector. That's the group with whom I identify/sympathize.