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  1. From the Legion of Super-Villains to the Legion of Super-Pets:
  2. Well hopefully then these won't disappoint you on either score:
  3. If anyone has contact info for Charlton Guy/Hoss, please send me a PM. I'm still looking to fill out my runs of Space Adventures with Captain Atom, Gorgo and Reptilicus.
  4. Oh yeah, so do I! Maurice Whitman did an even better job on that beauty than he usually did.
  5. Well sometimes they go up; sometimes they go down. Everybody who trades stocks, bonds, commodities, financial futures, etc. knows that. If you treat and trade comics the same way, you might lose money. There's no reason why a profit should be guaranteed. A man has every bit as much right to a loss as a profit.
  6. My #166 and #174: The #166 was one of those issues that just failed to make my top twelve list.
  7. The Giant I most coveted as a kid from house ads in my back issues: As a kid I thought the comic was lost in time forever but now I have a really nice one in my file cabinet. It reminds me once again that we periodically need to stop and smell the roses, i.e. appreciate what we already have in our collections rather than constantly focusing on our Want Lists.
  8. Yeah, vinyl is hot. Audiophiles such as myself have always preferred its warm, rich sound compared to digital. Youngsters/hipsters just think its cool because its niche market. As a result vinyl record and turntable sales continue to surge.
  9. A copy of Space Adventures belonging to the older brother of a buddy of mine featuring the powerful Captain Atom helped to keep my appetite for the pajama brigade alive despite the loss of my comics in August 1962. I clearly recall that we were engaged in an informal football game across several back yards that day so it must have been sometime in the fall of 1962. The memory of these pages featuring a character based upon Nikita Khrushchev never left me: Given the fact that the copy may have been completely coverless, I didn't know which issue it was and only determined that it was issue #40 about twelve years ago: (Not mine.) Charlton had introduced Captain Atom in Space Adventures 33 cover dated March 1960. He went on to appear in Space Adventures #33-40 plus #42 cover dated October 1961. These early appearances of Captain Atom are brutally difficult to find in nice condition these days. I have only these two in my present day collection: 38 39 Charlton then brought Captain Atom back in Strange Suspense Stories 75 cover dated June 1965. The title was renamed Captain Atom with issue #78 and his appearances continued until issue #89 cover dated December 1967. I have all these later appearances. Here are scans of the first three: 75 76 77
  10. I was actually going to title this thread "Show us some pus sy!" but the net nanny program here wouldn't allow it. Here though are scans of a couple of covers from my very favourite Timely title:
  11. Here are scans of my twelve favourte covers from the Justice League comics that I have in my collection: Northland copy There are so many fabulous Justice League covers that I could easily do another ten.
  12. Did somebody say Indians? Isn't that word politically incorrect these days?
  13. Five more of my Adventures of the Fly: 8 Bethlehem copy 9 10 11 12 Bethlehem copy
  14. What you actually showed them was simply further evidence of your overly fevered imagination. Once again, try thinking before you post. Now can you actually contribute something to this thread by telling us anything about Charlton Guy's collecting interests?
  15. My five earliest World's Finest Comics:
  16. Hmmmm. So you took delight in circulating pictures of what you thought were underage models? Quite the admission even for you, Stu. P.S. Incidentally do you ever think before you post? Or is it all a new age stream of consciousness thing for you? If it's true for you it's true for you and whether it makes sense logically doesn't matter?
  17. Three more: The above issue #36 was graded 8.5 VF+ by CGC. I'd happily buy such 8.5 graded comics all day! Sadly all 8.5's aren't as nice.
  18. I don't need to project when it comes to your character, Stu. You make it very obvious. The reason you don't contribute to any board is because you have nothing to contribute. And the reason you try to bring everyone else down to your level is envy because you've never succeeded at anything in life yourself.
  19. He just hoped that any girls that were pictured were underage. While I have no objection to pictures of scantily clad women, this though is a comic forum.
  20. An outright lie. You continue to be an absolute creep on any board, Stu. You've never contributed diddly squat to any board. You've instead done your damndest to drive off posters. I've seen your behaviour. So crawl back into the sewer from which you periodically emerge.
  21. Here as well is an old Timely:featuring Sourpuss:
  22. Well since we have a thread for ducks, to be fair we need one for cats as well! So show us your comics with cats on the cover or at least in the title. I'll start with this old Dell: