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  1. It's quite possible that these will also command much higher prices than ever dreamed much like the rest. If there was a beautiful lady being protected in that wagon, I bet it would already be so.
  2. I've never regretted passing along a tough Baker to a collector.
  3. Quite the undertaking. Looking forward to more posts!
  4. Grading companies allow for flaws and still assign 9.8. We've all seen it. I recall a time when CGC would look at a CBCS book, and let you know about potential grade bump. Would they alert you now? Would they alert you to potential grade drop??!! idk. Would be nice to know for sure before risking it.
  5. My first GA book was my low grade Diary Secrets #30. It was found it in a group of 150-200 comics that were mostly 1970's superhero and archie.
  6. Cinderella Love #25 @mycomicshop
  7. A few of the original buyers of the Promise books could certainly be called winners. It was exciting to see them sell.
  8. Are you saying that there is moisture in the CGC facility, somehow making it's way to our comics?
  9. It's poor QC, plain and simple. People slab their books to ensure their beauty and grade as best they can And are sometimes rewarded with something that can Greatly Detract from that beauty. Just a shame...
  10. Is this due to something on the book, something on the case, ...???
  11. Is there an easy fix? Maybe a mechanical feature that can readily be seen if slab is separated enough to remove/insert a book?
  12. Great risk involved. But it certainly appears to have been worth it this time.
  13. Succumbed to the allure and wanted to be an owner of a top tier copy?
  14. Such a terrible occurrence. Best wishes for full recovery or restitution. Motion activated recording devices will soon be going into my applicable locations.
  15. So, this person contacted you after you had it for sale/trade on a site, or just a person you met on the street? Not sure if it's acceptable to post their contact info. I'm sure you've already filed a police report.
  16. A little rough around the edges, but the colors and main image looks amazing for the assigned grade.
  17. Maybe it depends on the stage/level of the collector, or how long a person wants to go between buying comics. I'm in the Still Having Fun or Just Getting Started stage of the hobby.
  18. So, I'd break it down as such: Would I rather have one $30K Matt Baker, or 300 $100 Matt Bakers??? Leaning towards the 300 book club. Easier to buy/sell/trade/upgrade? One $30k book gets damaged, I'm not happy. One $100 book gets damaged, I'm not happy either, but less sad.
  19. Makes me wonder if there is more than just one. By any standard, it is manipulation of the original cover long after manufacture. Maybe, just maybe, CGC did not want to offend the owner of the books, and potentially lose future biz and decided upon a "way to satisfy the owner".
  20. I sent registered Mail during a time when nearly the entire store (post office) that would last handle the package was out sick. Apparently, the distribution center for that final store could not deliver the package because recipient was not available to receive the package. It took a few calls, and some aggravation, but it arrived. The gent that bought the book understood but was quite stressed as well. Good luck