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  1. "Sits higher than all other copies on the census" The census is 1 week old 😆 Updates on Tuesdays if anyone's interested.
  2. Kinda hoping the whole thing crashes and burns and we can go back to pre 2018 pricing 😈
  3. It is weird to try to criticize people who enjoy pulp art. These covers appealed to people 100 years ago, which is why publishers produced them, so it can't be so shocking to realize that they'd also appeal to people today.
  4. My poor guide has seen a lot of use, invaluable resource as has been said. Not sure why some would complain about a printed guide not having up-to-the minute accurate pricing, but as has been said the pricing is great for a relative comparison between issues and titles. My one small request if and hopefully when a new guide comes out is standardizing the placement of the rarity indications for the books, maybe always at the end of the descriptive paragraph? To get back on topic, I found this site referenced in the big pulp thread and seemed to have a good reputation. If anyone has small sites with pulps I'd be curious to see those as well. https://www.jamespayettecomics.com/catalog_list1.cfm?cat_descr=W&cat_family=2&family_name=Pulp
  5. Surprised to see that dynamic issue on there. Coulda swore I saw it pop up ebay multiple times back when I used to watch for the beaker cover.
  6. Is HA known for slightly overgrading raw books? Just got two graded and one was .5 lower, and the other 1 point lower.
  7. Deleting this post, the hide post option isn't showing.
  8. Back in the 90s they used the metric system to count pages.
  9. "I wish there were more new posts to read on the cgc pulp forum "
  10. Looks like the census is starting to be populated. Most books seem to be landing in the 3.5 range. Highest grade I could find is an 8.5 spicy adventure.
  11. 4 pulps general tier Received and scheduled for grading Feb 13 Gei Feb 15
  12. Grading turnaround seems pretty good, received and awaiting grading on the 13th, Grading/Encapsulation/Imaging on the 15th.
  13. If 75%, around 1500 might be a fair price. Mcs has a raw vg- copy at 2k. Price on this book has fallen quite a bit.
  14. Top ten list of how CGC pulp grading is a good thing! 10. Protects spicy books from drool. 9. Pulps are too fat for the reholder scam. 8. Graded bedsheets can double as floatation devices. 7. Pulp collectors have too much empty space on their bookshelves. 6. Collectors can breath a sigh of relief and give up on finishing runs, as prices explode. 5. Pulp collectors can tell those snooty comic collectors that ours is bigger. 4. 2.0 books can parade as highest graded copies. 3. 2. Bookery will save on ink with new pulp numbering system 1. No more pulp flakes in bed!
  15. Yah looks trimmed, mine has a nice overhang past the 20c. Well, nice in size, not in condition 😆
  16. I was already thinking of mirroring that 10 or fewer cgc graded comic topic, but making it 1 or fewer 😆
  17. In my limited experience, the benefit would just be for condition when buying a book online. More than a few times I've gotten books with glued on covers, missing pages, water warping etc that was not discernable in the photos nor mentioned in the descriptions. These things don't bother me, but had they been known they would factor in the price I was willing to pay. The old solution was to stick to reputable sellers who you could trust, but I guess this opens up another avenue. Although personally I'd rather pulp grading not be a thing to begin with, as I don't like the idea of the market inflating in price while I'm still collecting books.
  18. Got sort of an answer. They use multiple sources to determine fmv, but wont go into specifics. Honestly i think there is no real way to value a lot of the books, unleas its obvious like a firsr tarzan. It also sounds like the value you declare helps if the book goes missing and insurance gets involved.
  19. Hi, I was wondering how cgc determines the price of a pulp when it comes to submitting to the $400 and below tier or the $1000 tier? With some pulps having not had a public sale on a main market like HA or eBay in years, do you just reference the bookery guide?
  20. Yah I just boxed up 4 books to ship out, see how the process goes. I put them all in the lower price tier, but wish they were more clear on how value is determined.