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  1. That's great news. I am wondering, has there been any "stress" test on these? I have yet to have the 'card' in my hand but from some videos people are posting, there's some "flaking" where the print is coming off the edges fresh out the box. Would slabbing these kinds of cards accelerate the edge wear for these metal cards? I hope you guys gave it a very good (like machine) shake in there to see if the wear warrants a soft protection inside. Another question: For the Non Metal Gold Cards(Pikachu and Pokeball), would you happen to know if these are a type of "Gold Plated" cardboard or usual Gold Print one would find on any Pokemon Gold style card?
  2. I think calling the 8th Print "4th Print" is confusing. The person who termed it 4th Print regrets it after finding out there were 8 Prints of Base Set. But people continue to want to be wrong which is ok, there's many of us switching to a better term. I get DMs from people liking Gapless but are scared of people pushing their wrong terms so aggressively they don't say anything. The circles are not for the dates. It's to show the Gap difference the dates created.
  3. Paul has been the man. Always answers whatever questions he can even give an answer to but always responds.
  4. Finally makes sense why sub grades take a bit longer. Is there any plans to further enhance sub grades? Would be nice to see some kind of system that displays say where it's off center. Even digitally first would be ok where we check the cert# on CGC's site.
  5. That's cool. Why should I follow everyone else in being wrong? You go ahead and do that, I'll go do me.
  6. The 8th and final print run of Base Set was a very special print run. It's commonly referred to as "4th Print" or "UK Print" which both are wrong. If you look at the bottom copyright text, you will find Gaps between Illus. and Set Number in Unlimited but to fit the "-2000", the Gaps were removed, thus Gapless. As far as which is rarer, I would personally wait and see. This is when we would started to see Bulk Submissions from Oct. onward be graded and released. In the case of Charizard 10's, I believe Gapless for many reasons. 2nd would be shadowless but Gary owns like half of them. Outside 10's is a different story. Still Gapless is the most rare by far but between 1st Ed. and Shadowless, 1st Ed. seems more rare. There's just less totals for 1st Ed. vs Shaodwless. There's just almost twice as many Shadowless being Graded consistently. I would recommend checking the full spreadsheet.
  7. I'll take suggestions on everything but Terminology. 4th/Uk Print are wrong, Base 2000 was taken 20 years ago by Base Set 2, and 1999-2000 is a stale name. Gapless is here to stay Also for anyone who isn't a fan of things like colors(no matter what changes I do or don't make) can copy and paste the spreadsheet into their own and change things around.
  8. Welcome to the Base Set PGR(Population Growth Report) This thread is a Weekly Updated Thread covering all 4 Variants(1st Ed, Shadowless, Unlimited and Gapless) of Base Sets PSA Population Growth Updated every Tuesday. PGRs are slightly different from looking at today's Population Report because it tracks/records Base Set Holos Populations over time. By doing so we can see the growth of these cards. Anyone is free to share/copy info shared here. A sincere THANK YOU to CGC for allowing this thread to exist in their forums. When CGC launches their Pop Reports, I will be doing a separate PGR for CGC. ****************************************************************************** Quick Guide on how to read my spreadsheets. The First Set of Columns are the CURRENT Population. The Second Set of Columns are what was ADDED for the week. The Third Set of Columns are the DIFFERENCE ADDED from the previous week. PSA Totals: PSA Totals Link | PSA 9: PSA 9 Link | PSA 10: PSA 10 Link PSA Population Report Archive: Google Drive Folder If anyone has any questions, just DM as usual ****************************************************************************** Aug 9th-16th 2021 Update PSA Totals PSA 9 PSA 10
  9. I understand what you are saying. Question: Even if you hired all the X Card Game Experts, say YuGiOh, wouldn't you still want to train and hire more people? Not saying CCC did or did not hire "Experts" in the field, just that saying they want to hire more doesn't mean they haven't hired already OR in the process of acquiring an Established service like VGA or WATA and integrating into CCG. Everything starts somewhere. Magic started with a guy begging his neighbors to invest into a silly little trading card game, a concept no one ever heard cause he made it up. Even if CCG has 0 people hired currently, it doesn't mean they don't intend to bring in as many people as possible into this project. I am stoked and I already have a lineup of old games I am looking to buy now.
  10. Even a whale starts as an egg. I'm sure PSA or any card grader had the exact same problem. Look where it's at now. If someone could pickup a super early PSA graded card back then knowing what they know now, they likely would buy up every single one they could. There's no Golden Age, that's just a euphoric feeling. There's just winners like Charizard and losers like Bennie Babies.
  11. Didn't know where else to post this, so here it goes. https://www.cgccomics.com/news/article/9052/video-game-grader/?utm_source=The Mx Group&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=21-CCG-0757 CGC Video Games Announcement eBlast&mkt_tok=NjY2LUtGWi04MjIAAAF-JyrNLnyZWokpwEi1bcHX3Muu8mkn_iddLBzWfLiAnxRd0jkhNrN5QeatDutuzlGOak3WSOSZzLwsaZZPBqbASZkvKVvpX2VGwx6THcz9 Cool, I really am interested to see what CGC will offer in availability. I got some older games and with this announcement makes me want to go pickup some other older games from the 90s. I imagine Video Games to be one of the hardest things to grade. So many different size boxes with variants galore. Not like cards with a 1 size fits all. So many different packaging to consider.
  12. Honestly I don't know how I feel about this. I get CCG is a business at the end of the day but Blackstone is literally buying up as many houses as possible across the nation for permanent rentals. We will end up with an entire generation that will no longer be able to ever afford a home and will be rental serfs the rest of their lives... Literally talking about letting those guys call the shots at CCG now. I would much prefer a company that cares about what they are doing and not one that has to now adhere to the almighty "$hareholders" or whatever Blackstone is to CCG now. Don't like it.
  13. Hey guys! Been a while since I said much cause I hadn't had time because I was working on the last 2 Collections of my 2021 Pokemon Collections. I'll reveal "Collection #3" another time when it's ready(oh boy can't I wait) but honestly I am a bit away from doing that. I had to pause #3 because I had come across the rarest English Pokemon and I had to jump on this big time. Waiting on a couple more items to come in before the reveal as well as sleeving/loading 1000+ cards from the Collection. Whaaat? 1000+ doesn't sound rare- you wait Update: Here we go. What I dub as Gapless is commonly and badly referred to as 4th/UK Print, the confusing Base 2000 or stale 1999-2000 print of Base Set. Here's some of my collection. Still waiting on the rest.
  14. So what happens when you put a straight CGC 1-1-1-1 Energy Card ontop of a perfect 10 1st Ed. Charizard? Is this the secret to time travel?
  15. They have been putting wanted ads in regards for Yu-Gi-Oh. Patience, it'll come when it comes.
  16. I predict the opposite. Things go up and down. Grading is up right now while supply is too little. PSA said once they get their AI grading service up and running, they can go from 25k/Day to 250k/Day. Eventually, TCG collecting will cool down especially with the FLOOD of graded cards that will enter the market. Once demand goes down, so will grading prices. If you have a 5+ year plan, grading now is not the smartest idea. Every dollar spent grading a card is a dollar not spent on cards. Also, grading services can only get better from Slabs, Labels, Grading Methods, etc. My .02
  17. Shadowless Gyarados is likely your most valuable card followed by Mewtwo. People are right though that these cards considered on the LP(Lightly played) side of condition, thus even today won't fetch all that much. Unless you need the money, I would just get them properly sleeved and stored away. I wouldn't even grade them yet since I think this is likely the WORST time to send cards to get graded if you're in it for the long. Grading right now only makes sense to people who wish to flip in this hot market. Just my .02