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  1. It’ll be at least four boxes, but I’m slammed right now and always at the office which makes it difficult to get the box out. It should ease up for a day or two though Monday.
  2. I usually throw them in because it’s from their spa collection and the person/spouse might be interested in trying them out. We won’t talk about the hand lotion…
  3. Congrats! Sledder, when my turn comes up and you pick off the form, please have it sent to JimJum12. (I’m at work today for some reason…)
  4. So after waiting until Christmas Day, I was finally able to open the presents sent by none other than @Turtle, my Secret Santa. First, he had sent a huge bag full of treats from London which was shared with and enjoyed by a large number of people. Many of these treats I’ve never actually had before! My daughter enjoyed getting the pack of glitter pens as a budding artist, and they will be put to good use! They say a person can never have enough toys, and that is true enough. So a BIG thank you for thinking outside-the-box and sending the massive Spider-Man wall art! It’s amazing! (It’s about 18” and lights up with LEDs.) To top it off, there arrived a Spider Visor, something I have also never seen before locally. Thank you for the spectacular mask! My family and cats thought it was a riot! Happy Holidays, and thank you again for a memorable 2023 Secret Santa exchange, @Turtle !
  5. (That was his.) Shipping alcohol is illegal unless you have the required licenses.
  6. Well, you said you collected keys of a certain age. Just glad you didn’t say you collected Hulk 181’s specifically… Happy Holidays!
  7. I’ve been traveling and basically swamped at work at the end of this year, so I have been remiss in thanking my as-of-yet-still unknown Secret Santa. I finally managed to open up a mass of Amazon, eBay, and other packages. The wrapping job is amazing in itself. Above and beyond. (My own not nearly as creatively wrapped Secret Santa gift finally went out.)
  8. Available internationally although it will probably weigh less than the U.S. version.
  9. Lower right corner on the BC looks like there is a bend of some type. Slight rolling/wavy-type bend. You can see the copyright statement is not horizontal and the lower edge seems to be scalloped in shape.
  10. I am curious if some people are using the CGC packing kits and if that affects the speed of a package being opened after being received and stored at the facility. I used to use them but only had a few on hand. Are CGC’s own packing materials given special preference?
  11. Modern order delivered to the facility and stored on 6/29. Hasn't been opened yet (7/17), so they seem to be backlogged a bit this summer.
  12. It’s hard to gauge traffic levels on Shortboxed, but because the GUI is kind of limited, and it is designed primarily as an app, you are highly dependent on the search function. New items in stock and highlighted genres, or artists may give your book additional initial views, but after that, unless someone is specifically looking for your book, it’s hit or miss. They have a stoplight indicator showing what they think the item is priced at, but it’s hard to determine how they arrive at this determination precisely. You can now enter more descriptive entries now, but in the past it was harder to differentiate variants or special notes. MCS puts all consigned items also on eBay which increases your audience immeasurably. They absorb the eBay fees and increase the price accordingly, but people can still go back to the MCS site directly to bypass the increased price. (So you are never paying for the eBay exposure.) Hope this helps. One service you send all your books to them and then basically just monitor the pricing / details electronically. They do everything else. The other service you keep your books with you (unless they take it on the road with them as special key consignments), and you have to package them up and ship them out when you get a sale.