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  1. I posted my thoughts without first reading all of the other posts. I coulda saved my fingers and just posted a 1+.
  2. Actually, the price seems high to me. It’s certainly not Colan’s finest composition (and I’m a big Colan fan, so it pains me to say anything remotely negative), the page is cluttered with speech balloons, and it’s not a true first page splash - or a splash of any kind. The two things it has going for it are the origin recap and that top left panel. Other than that, it’s a decent interior panel page. But while we’re on the topic, what did the true first page splash from IM #1 last sell for? I know it was on CLink in 2016, but I don’t know the hammer price or if it has been relisted since then.
  3. I can state with confidence that the covers are from different sellers. 😁
  4. Another oil portrait from this year. This is my brother who died suddenly last September. He was on vacation in California, celebrating his anniversary with his wife. On the final day of their vacation they were at the beach in Santa Monica. He had been swimming throughout the day and went back in for one final dip. He was hit hard by a wave, pulled under, and likely hit his head on the bottom. He was carefree and devilish, and I think I caught that in the painting.
  5. In order to add the masthead, they had to remove part of the keyline that was on the OA because the masthead extends up too far. So not only have they added elements, they’ve obliterated part of the art. Yeah, it’s just a keyline, but still...
  6. That’s pretty much what I said in my email to Invaluable. Which they ignored. I would have said the same thing to Jen and Paul Perry but (i) they blocked me before I could and (ii) they wouldn’t care.
  7. Ugh. Way too many of his fakes sold. A couple of “Picassos” sold for close to $2k each. Lots of others sold for $200-700. The two “Ditkos” sold for $110 and $130. I reported the fakes to Invaluable but they ignored me.
  8. I contacted Jen via the Relic Vintage Facebook page and let her know that the art was fake, and gave her the link to this thread. First she said she didn’t know what I was talking about, and then she used this fallback: “do you realize the process of sending every single piece of art to be inspected and authenticated?” And before I could reply again, she blocked me. My last message failed to go thorough.
  9. I’m going to contact Invaluable and let them know.
  10. Yes. I first contacted them via their Facebook page. Jen Perry who run it sent me a reply to say that her husband is running the auction on Invaluable and to contact him there because he doesn’t do Facebook. So I sent him a message via Invaluable and asked for more info about where he got the Ditko drawings. Paul Perry replied with the standard line: “consigned by collector, no COA, no guarantees”. I replied and let him know that the consensus among Ditko experts is that these are definitely fake, etc. He hasn’t responded.
  11. As noted above, Invaluable is a platform used by hundreds of auction houses that don’t have their own online bidding capabilities. In this instance the auction house, if you can call them that, is Relic Vintage Inc in Swansea MA. Here’s the link to the entire auction catalogue: https://www.invaluable.com/catalog/t7p6f3vazr i couldn’t find a website for Relic Vintage but google shows they have an EBay store And here’s some other info: About Categorized under Thrift Shops. Our records show it was established in 2015 and incorporated in MA. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of 112725 and employs a staff of approximately 2. Contact Relic Vintage, Inc 566 Wilbur Avenue # 3 Swansea, MA 02777 (774) 294-5818 Here’s a pic of their “staff of 2” as noted above. This is from the Relic Vintage Facebook page.
  12. A little love for Gene Colan and Tom Palmer. A masterful DPS from the Tomb of Dracula B&W magazine. Fantastic visual storytelling.
  13. I haven't posted in this thread in at least a few years. Actually I haven't posted on the forum at all in a year or so. Here are a few portrait commissions I've completed in the last six months. Both are oil on canvas.
  14. Based on the jittery line work, I think Vince drank too many espressos before he inked this. Or is the seller implying that Kirby inked it himself for "Vince Colletta Thor #126"? I didn't realize that Colletta got above-the-title billing on Thor. Like "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan".
  15. This was way down on page 3. Auction opens in five days.
  16. The seller's commission listed on the HA consignment contract is 15%. The first time I consigned to HA, Joe reduced the commission to 10% because of the value of the pages I consigned. Perhaps they automatically reduce it to 10% for everyone. I don't know. Like you, I had been told that they would waive the seller's commission if you had good stuff. I asked Joe about this and he said that their minimum consignment value is $5K (total estimated value of all the pages in a single consignment), and they only waive the seller's commission for consignments with an estimated value of $100K+ or for "industry professionals". After I balked, however, he did agree to reduce the seller's commission to 7.5% for me, because at least one page I consigned will do very well for them. Have any non-professionals here consigned to HA and had the seller's commission waived entirely? Just curious if they have a "fluid" commission policy, depending on who you are.
  17. Full disclosure: I consigned four pages to the auction. Anyone who knows my collecting focus will know which are mine.
  18. There have been a few posts on individual items, but I figured it was time to start a consolidated thread. https://comics.ha.com/c/search-results.zx?Ne=1058&N=793+792+52+4294948889+1067&ic4=Refine-ComicCategory-102615 169 pieces so far ... and some stellar ones at that, especially the Krigstein "Master Race".
  19. https://www.forbes.com/sites/robsalkowitz/2018/08/10/its-up-up-and-away-for-prices-at-the-latest-comic-art-auction/#3c6b482454f3
  20. A quarter million (with juice) for the Iron Man and Sub-Marinter #1 cover. Yowza. That's gotta be a record (by a long shot) for a Colan cover.
  21. This makes me think of Rudy Kurniawan and his forgeries of rare and expensive wine. In both Rudy's case and rare OA, the market value of the forgeries make it well worth the time, effort and skill required by the forger to pull it off. In Rudy's case the primary reason for his downfall was that he created vintages of wines that never actually existed. For such a good forger, it was a really stupid mistake. It would be like someone creating OA for AF #16 dated Sept 1962. However, with Rudy experts also began to notice inconsistencies in the fine details of the labels: typographic elements were slightly misplaced, inks were a little heavy and caused the type to swell more than it should have, etc. I expect that the same level of forensic work could/will be done with the #48 cover.